Photo courtesy of Glow International magazine - Fall 2018
Photo courtesy of Glow International magazine - Fall 2018

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Children :  John




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       KITTY DAVY                  DELIA DE LEON        MARGARET CRASKE        KIM TOLHURST

7th October 1932


Delia brought Stephanie and Hal Haggard with their little son John to meet Baba. Stephanie, a classmate of Kitty's and friend of Delia's, said she had seen Baba in a dream when she was fourteen. She and her husband left deeply impressed.

On the afternoon of Friday, 8 April 1932, Kitty, Margaret, Delia, Kim, Minta, Quentin and others staged skits for Baba in the downstairs hall. Margaret danced, and the others entertained Baba in various ways, doing their utmost to please him. Beheram played the sitar and Adi Sr. the harmonium.
Lord Meher Online Edition Page 1369


EAST CHALLACOMBE FARMHOUSE ; 2010. Photo taken by Eric Tepermen
EAST CHALLACOMBE FARMHOUSE ; 2010. Photo taken by Eric Tepermen

After a week's stay, Baba left Devonshire at 6:30 in the morning on Sunday, 24 April 1932. Baba arrived in London accompanied by Adi Sr., Minta, Kim, Mabel, Margaret and Kitty, and stayed at the Davys' house. The other mandali (who had left Devonshire the day before) stayed at Stephanie Haggard's home. All the birds flew back to find refuge in Baba, including a woman named Phyllis who had met Baba at Devonshire the previous year.
Lord Meher Online Edition Page 1389

The front of the Davy's house - 32 Russell Road, Kensington, London,UK  ( entrance marked )
The front of the Davy's house - 32 Russell Road, Kensington, London,UK ( entrance marked )

10th October 1933


Intense activity began the next day. "All the birds gathered near their heart's Treasure," Age recorded. "And this time a few more flowers and blossoms appeared in the Garden." Stephanie Haggard, Charles Purdom, Delia DeLeon, Will and Mary Backett, Margaret Craske, Elizabeth, Kitty, Norina, Ruano and Quentin had already begun singing. And during this stay in London, a few more persons came into Baba's intimate contact.

The next day, after lunch at Stephanie's (93-A, Brondesbury Road), Baba met several new people. Among them was Dorothy Greenside, an author of spiritual books, who told Baba, "I felt within myself an inspiration which enabled me to write; but all of a sudden, the power seemed to diminish and was lost. I have no desire to write anymore."

"These were mere glimpses," Baba replied. "They are always temporary and fleeting. But I will help you. You are not to blame; it was not your fault that this inspiration and power have gone away. The reason is that it was not the time.

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** Very little information found on Dorothy Greenside. She contributed articles to the publication "The Vision" in the mid-1910s.

        CHARLES PURDOM                         WILL BACKETT                          MARY BACKETT

                 RUANO  BOGISLAV                      ELIZABETH PATTERSON      DOROTHY GREENSIDE


18 July 1956


The same evening at 8:00 P.M., another reception for the public was held at the Rubens Hotel, and almost 175 people attended. Among the crowd included Kathleen Pritchard, Douglas and Mollie Eve, Stephanie Haggard, the Lawtons, Mr. and Mrs. Imai (the Japanese photographer who had taken Baba's portraits in 1931), and several friends of Irene Conybeare. Each person was allowed half a minute to meet Baba and receive prasad. Tom Hopkinson brought each person to Baba. Will and Delia were seated on either side of him. Baba looked resplendent seated on a purple satin-covered settee with velvet cushions, with purple hangings in the background and a huge canopy of flowers arranged by Dorothy Hopkinson on either side. Baba looked absolutely regal and glowing the whole evening. Refreshments of tea, cakes and sandwiches were served and again entertainment was performed.


Lord Meher Online Edition Page 3979


** no information on Kathleen Pritchard was found

         DOUGLAS & MOLLIE EVE                      IRENE CONYBEARE         TOM HOPKINSON


*** Tom & Dorothy Hopkinson wrote a book " Much Silence "

1st Printing : 1974

Published by : Victor Gollancz Ltd, London - Printed in Great Britain - 191 pp.


2nd Printing - 1975

Published by : B.I. Publications, New Delhi - Printed in India - 191 pp


Both printing came in Hardcover & Softcover


3rd Printing -1975

Published by : Dodd, Mead, New York - 191 pp. Hardcover


4th Printing - 1982

Published by : Meher House Publications, Bombay. - 232 p.Softcover




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