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Two ladies, Dorothy Norris and her friend Juliana De Taverna had previously come to Harmon. Both came again to see Baba on November 26th. Juliana had been unemployed and on this occasion acknowledged that Baba's words were coming true about her being offered a job. Dorothy, in turn, commented that she was inwardly experiencing Baba's help; her anxiety had left her and she had now come to gain something further from Baba. "Very good," Baba dictated. "But before filling a cup, it is necessary that it be emptied. Your luck is such that you have only to sit by me quietly for that." She did and left happy.


Lord Meher Volume 4, Page 1489



Dorothy Norris, who had first met Baba at Harmon, New York, in 1931, arrived in Cannes on August 28th and stayed for a few days.


Lord Meher Volume 6, Page 2211



In my search to find Dorothy I have narrowed her to 3 people.


1) Born : 18th March 1897 Philadelphia, PA.

    Died : February 1984 Stamford, Conn.

    Married to Norris Worrell Harkness 111 - 3rd March 1946 - Bronx, NY.


2) Born : 12th June 1909 - Jasper County. Ill.

    Died : 23rd January 2002

    Married : (a) Mathan Crosby - 1 son & (b) Roy Norris - 5 children

    Parents: Joe & Susie Spell


3) Born :1903

    Died : 1997

    Married : Randolf G. Nichols - 3 children