1937 : On board the M.V. Circassia. Rendered image by Anthony Zois. The original is below.
1937 : On board the M.V. Circassia. Rendered image by Anthony Zois. The original is below.

This web site is dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba.


It illustrates his life and journeys that he made from birth in 1894 through to the late 1960's.


These travels or journeys follow the Avatar through His latest advent especially outside of India, travelling around the world often incognito.


It also features the many ways his followers have expressed their love and admiration through varied aspects of literature, music and the Arts.

Over the years, I've been collecting articles, images and maps for an eventual and appropriate outlet for my information.

My sources are various but principally they're derived from Bhau Kalchuri's magnificent volume of books called "Lord Meher". I'm indebted to Bhau Kalchuri for his generosity in allowing me to use his publications to accurately detail the journeys of the Avatar in this latest advent.


I have tried to be as accurate as possible and if there is an anomaly detected I would welcome any correspondence. I would also like to acknowledge many who have provided information and images towards this site, principally the Meher Spiritual Centre in Myrtle Beach and Lawrence Reiter ( Manifestation,Inc. Sth Carolina,USA ) for his collections of photos of Meher Baba :  the information contained in The Awakener Magazine / booklets; the Glow, Glow International magazines; Love Street Love Post; and Love Breezes newsletters.A special mention to Mery Strates for her assistance on some of the contents.


There are web sites such as Avatar Meher Baba Trust Archives - India, Meher Nazar Publications, Meher Archives, Beloved Archives and many, many others from which images have been obtained by myself and others, also from social media sites such as Facebook, etc. Many of these images have no source information. I am happy to add or correct information when it becomes available.



I've divided the web site into many separate sections as indicated by the various tabs near the top of the page. Firstly, the "Trips & Journeys" section lists the travels in a chronological order from the 1920's through to the late 1950's. Each trip is then detailed. The other sections such as "Events" offer an expanded reference to these highlighted journeys. The sections marked as "Ship Travels" , etc., lists the various ships, planes etc which were used. The sections marked  " Locations Gallery "  offers an additional reference to the different locations to which Meher Baba travelled. The "Maps" section shows the trips & journeys ventured in all of these sections.


Images of locations, planes and ships are often near impossible to obtain, if you happen to have an image which you think would be appropriate please contact me. 

Naturally, the travels of Meher Baba were so extensive that this site will be a work in progress for a considerable period of time.



 1937 : On board the M.V. Circassia
1937 : On board the M.V. Circassia


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Currently, there are over 1,650 web pages / topics on this site. Enjoy !   ( April 2023 )



The photo at the top of every page is that of Portofino, Italy. One of many places Meher Baba visited.