Born : 5th August 1910 - Ohio, USA

Died : 9th September 1970 - Haiti

Married : Caroline Hills ( b.1915 )

Children : Duncan Robertson Inches ( b. 1939 Abington, Penn. ) - actor


Actor - Osteopath - Dietician - Lecturer - Author - Nutritionist




Earlier in his career, he worked in Jamaica.

In 1940, according to the US Census, Howard and his family lived in New Britain, Bucks Co., Penn.

By the 1950s, the Inches family had moved to various locations in Florida, over a period of time.

May 31, 1932 : On the Croton River with ( L-R ) Howard Inches, Milo Shattuck, Grace Mann, Josephine Grabau ( Ross ) and Donald Holloway. Courtesy of Beloved Archives
May 31, 1932 : On the Croton River with ( L-R ) Howard Inches, Milo Shattuck, Grace Mann, Josephine Grabau ( Ross ) and Donald Holloway. Courtesy of Beloved Archives

Howard Inches first met Meher Baba on 23rd May 1932, during Baba's 2nd visit to the United States, whilst visiting Harmon-on-Hudson, north of New York City, on the eastern side of the Hudson River.

Howard came with a group of friends for this visit. There was an expectation that Baba would spent possibly a couple of months at the retreat at Harmon.


There is no further mention of Howard in the Lord Meher publication or in other written items. It's not clear of his participation in the group in New York or his movements thereafter.


After a week's stay in New York City & Harmon-on-Hudson, Meher Baba and his small group of companions, boarded the train at Harmon on the 25th May at midnight and proceeded to cross the continent by train arriving finally in Alhambra, Los Angeles on the 29th May.



Howard Inches ( cropped image )
Howard Inches ( cropped image )

On Monday, 23 May 1932, Baba and the mandali were driven to the Harmon Retreat where he was received with heartfelt joy by Malcolm and Jean Schloss. Meanwhile Quentin stayed in Manhattan to arrange the train tickets and other traveling details to California. (He was also instructed to purchase a ticket to India for Ghani.)


Lord Meher-on-line : Page 1420

23rd May, 1932


They were welcomed by a few of Baba's followers who were still there, namely Josephine Grabau, Mary Antin, Milo Shattuck, Anita de Caro, Howard Inches and Grace Mann. Josephine asked Darwin if he would like to write to Baba. He did, pouring out his heart in a letter, offering his life in Baba's service. Darwin immediately mailed it and returned to the retreat for dinner.


Lord Meher Volume 6, Page 1928 - actual book content - 1st Edition

Postcard - front
Postcard - front
Postcard - rear
Postcard - rear



Some time before, Malcolm and Jean had been informed that Baba would be staying in Harmon with a few persons for a full year, and Jean had planned for his accommodations. But she was advised that, so long as she had no definite commitment from Baba, she should make no permanent arrangements. Instead of a year, Baba stayed just two days, thus giving his American lovers a practical exercise in maintaining their flexibility!


Lord Meher-on-line ; page 1420

23rd May, 1932


About 20 people came to see Baba at Harmon, including Josephine Grabau, her mother Mary Antin, Anita, Milo Shattuck and Grace Mann.  Beheram would perform on the sitar and Josephine would dance each evening and compose heartrending poems for Baba.

Howard H. Inches also came to Harmon for a few days. Inches was an actor who had appeared on Broadway. He recalled, "I was brought up and presented to this man with the large, brown eyes and queer lamb's skin coat — a new prophet on the horizon of burning America. I was captivated by the purity of the life of this temporary colony [at Harmon] worshiping at the feet of Baba, and soon I was a regular member."


Lord Meher-on-line ; page 1420


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