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This time in Italy, Baba kept everyone busy, especially with writing, typing and other such work. Kitty and Minta had come to Portofino ahead of the group to prepare the house. Kitty was to supervise everything. Her brother Herbert Davy had arrived from China on July 4th; Otto Haas-Heije, Hedi Mertens and her daughter Anna Katarina (Roelni) came from Zurich; Enid Corfe arrived from Milan; Victor and Alice Trau-Fisher came from Vienna. Alice had met Norina at a tea in New York some years before and they had corresponded regularly; Norina told Baba about her and Baba had them called.


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On August 27th, the painter Helen Dahm arrived from Switzerland, and also Alice Trau-Fisher and her husband, Victor, both of whom had met Baba once before in Europe during 1933.


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On 15 September, Alice Trau-Fisher of Vienna, along with her husband Victor, and her mother and father came to Cannes to see Baba. They were staying in Monte Carlo and came again twelve days later and one other time. Alice was a soprano in an opera company and loved Baba deeply. Despite having not seen Baba since Portofino, she had told many in Vienna about him. Alice invited Baba to visit Vienna, and surprisingly, Baba said he would visit there with a party of eleven and stay for ten days, from 7–17 January 1938. The Trau-Fishers were thrilled to hear this. Her parents did not speak a word of English, yet they wept when they met Baba.


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February 1944 - the Fischer's lived at 737 Bush Street San Francisco, California


One of the signatories of the letter to Meher Baba was Hilda Charlton.

1524 North Crescent Heights Boulevard, West Hollywood, California

 Hilda Fuchs with the arm-chair that Meher Baba sat in during his visit to California.
Hilda Fuchs with the arm-chair that Meher Baba sat in during his visit to California.

1st August 1956


AFTERWARD, at 4:45 P.M., Baba visited Hilda Fuchs' home, at 1524 North Crescent Heights Boulevard, West Hollywood, where about thirty of her friends met him. Hilda had first heard of Baba in Vienna, in 1935, through Alice Trau-Fisher. She was forced to flee the country when Adolf Hitler rose to power, as her husband was Jewish. By sheer coincidence, she met Norina in New York. Norina introduced her to other Baba lovers, and convinced her of Baba's greatness. She began arranging Norina's lectures, and in the 1940s, when Norina and Elizabeth were searching for a property for Baba, Hilda accompanied them on their tour of the West Coast.


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