Julian Kitchens Miller Lamar


Birth : 14th October, 1893 - Augusta, Richmond Co., Georgia, USA

Died :  6th September, 1967 - Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia, USA

Buried : Summerville Cemetary, Augusta, Georgia, USA

Married & Divorced : Lucy Hamilton K. Armes

Parents : Frank Harvey Miller Jr. &  Maria Julia Cummings Lamar



Painter / Artist




A painter named Julian Lamar was an old friend of Malcolm and Jean, and he was among those staying at Harmon. As soon as he saw Baba, he pronounced, "How radiant your eyes are! What a glow is on your face! How could this luster and glow be captured on film? I have seen photographs of you but they do not reveal all that you are! I would like to reflect your true beauty by painting your portrait if you would consent to a sitting."

Pointing to himself, Baba gestured, "This is not the original picture! My real portrait is something quite different and to portray it accurately, you must wipe out your own image."

Baba meant the annihilation of the limited ego-mind. "This is beyond my understanding," confessed Lamar. "I can only paint you as I see you, but I need your consent." Baba gave him permission and Lamar was pleased.



Lord Meher Volume 4, Page 1470

This is a portion of the original painting. This was later used as the cover of the book "The Beloved" by N.Anzar
This is a portion of the original painting. This was later used as the cover of the book "The Beloved" by N.Anzar
Elizabeth Patterson would say that Baba looked exactly that way when she first met Him. Baba said of it that Lamar had captured the scar on His forehead precisely, and that the Avatar always carries this mark. The story remains that this painting hung in the Graham Stokes house in NYC, in his "prayer room" for many years before coming to Meher Center at Myrtle Beach,SC.





 On May 21st, Baba was driven by Elizabeth Patterson through Central Park. This was the first time she drove for Baba. Julian Lamar drove the car following Baba's. Julian was upset, for someone had broken into his car and stolen his luggage the previous night. He mentioned this incident repeatedly to Baba. Baba asked, "It wasn't all you had in the world, was it?" Julian admitted it wasn't, and Baba remarked, "I am in you as well as in the thief!"


Lord Meher Volume 5, Page 1624

Paintings by Julian Lamar

The paintings above are some examples of Julian's works. He did not paint a self-potrait.

Portrait of Winston Churchill.1
Portrait of Winston Churchill.1

List of some of his paintings:

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Portrait of Gertrude Bass Warner, 1927
Lucius Q. C. Lamar, The Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States
Sir Winston Churchill, 1942; presented to Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942; hangs in the Franklin D. Roosevelt presidential library in Hyde Park, NY
Joseph Rucker Lamar, Supreme Court Justice
Mrs. Francis S. Whitten, 1926; appeared in Harper's Magazine
Frank Harvey Miller III
Princes Augusta
Self-portrait, 1935 and 1940

Bio contribution by Eleanor Colso



Paintings by Julian Lamar

Summerville Cemetary, Augusta, Georgia, USA

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