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Although there is little known of him, Richard Mayer was the first person to mention Meher Baba to Malcolm Schloss at the bookshop in the winter of 1930. Mayer told Malcolm about Meredith Starr and the Devonshire retreat, and left him a copy of a letter describing life at the meditation ashram.

In May of 1931, Malcolm saw Richard Mayer again in Boston. He also met Thomas Watson who, along with Mayer, was planning on sailing for England to spend some time at Meredith Starr's retreat. In June, Malcolm and Jean sold their bookshop and moved to Hancock, New Hampshire, to live communally with a group of like minded spiritual seekers from Boston.


Lord Meher Volume 4, Page 1465 




On Sunday afternoon, November 22nd, Baba again met various people at the Vendome Hotel, including Thomas Watson and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Max Gysi, and the astrologer-author Dane Rudhyar. Richard Mayer was also present and commented to Baba, "Only you know how you suffer."

In reply, Baba spelled out, "I am infinite bliss, yet I feel compassion for all who suffer and help them through my knowledge and power. Thus, my mercy is my suffering."


Lord Meher Volume 4, Page 1485