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153 West - 50th Street


This theatre no longer exists




While in Manhattan, Baba would usually go to the theater or a movie at night. The previous evening, he had been to the theater with Norina and Anita (although which movie or play they saw is not recorded). On the 25th night he went to the magnificent, cathedral-like, Roxy Theater with Norina, Eileen, Anita, and three others and saw the Marx Brothers' movie Monkey Business.



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Footnote : The Roxy Theater, formerly at 153 W. 50th Street, has been called "The Greatest Movie Theater Ever Built" and "The Cathedral of the Motion Picture." A gilded movie palace with a cavernous oval lobby and ornate decorations, it could accommodate 3,000 patrons.


Marx Brothers : Monkey Business

Meher Baba saw the film Monkey Business when he visited the Roxy Theartre in 1931