Hawaii, USA

Meher Baba visited the Honolulu, Hawaii on several occassions, starting in the early 1930s through to 1958.


In Mid July 1956 Meher Baba and four of his men mandali ( close ones ) departed on a months circumnavigation  of the globe. They departed Bombay ( Mumbai ) by plane landing briefly at Damascus and Beirut Airports then onto Zurich and London. They then flew to New York NY, Richmond V.,Wilmington NC, Myrtle Beach SC, Washington DC., Dallas/Ft. Worth TX, Los Angeles-Meher Mount-Ojai-San Francisco CA., then to Honolulu, (Hawaii Is ), Kroton Is, Suva,( Fiji ), Sydney, Melbourne & Darwin, Australia, then onto Singapore and back to Bombay in mid August.

Honolulu Airport, Hawaii, USA

La Pietra villa

Moana Hotel

Royal Hawaiian Hotels

Niumalu Hotel - Kaila Road, Waikiki Beach

Honolulu Aquarium. Courtesy of Glow Magazine
Honolulu Aquarium. Courtesy of Glow Magazine