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1931 - Devonshire, England


After a ten-hour ride, Baba reached Combe Martin at five o'clock. They went to the eighty-five-acre property of East Challacombe which was a couple of miles away and where several Western devotees were awaiting the Master's arrival. They included Esther and Kenneth Ross, Milo Shattuck, Margaret Starr, Ann Powell, Tom Sharpley, Mrs. Helmer, Charles Purdom, Enid Corfe and Dorothy Cousins, all of whom had contributed money toward Baba's trip to England. Baba was tired from the journey and only glanced at the people, not stopping for anyone except Margaret Starr. When his eyes met hers, Margaret's eyes bathed in tears which she could not stop.


Lord Meher ; Bhau Kalchuri - Vol.4  page 1413



Another American link for the Master's work was Milo Shattuck. He was a young man who had spent a year at the retreat in Devonshire. In the summer of 1931, Meredith sent him to America to contact certain interested people and tell them about Meher Baba and his intended visit to England that fall.

It was Shattuck who had first told Watson about Baba. He had also met Jean Adriel and Malcolm Schloss when they were at a farm in New Hampshire, and he told them about Meher Baba and his coming visit to the West. Jean and Malcolm were interested and eager to come to England, but financial circumstances prevented them. However, they wrote letters to Meredith, which he showed at this time to Baba who smiled and remarked, "They are mine. It is essential that they meet me."


Lord Meher ; Bhau Kalchuri - Vol.4  page 1420


1931 - London


Quentin Tod was brought to the Davys' house by Milo Shattuck, whom he had met at lunch that day with Margaret and Mabel. Tod felt nervous as he climbed the stairs to Baba's room. When he entered the room, he found Baba seated cross-legged on the bed by the window with Agha Ali and Chanji at his side; however, he was so engrossed in seeing Baba that he forgot about the others around him. Baba smiled and motioned for him to sit beside him. He took his hand and patted Tod's shoulder. Tod felt tremendous love and peace emanating from Baba, and also experienced the feeling of recognition of a long-lost friend.


Lord Meher ; Bhau Kalchuri - Vol.4  page 1429


1931 - New York State


In May of 1931, Malcolm saw Richard Mayer again in Boston. He also met Thomas Watson who, along with Mayer, was planning on sailing for England to spend some time at Meredith Starr's retreat. In June, Malcolm and Jean sold their bookshop and moved to Hancock, New Hampshire, to live communally with a group of like minded spiritual seekers from Boston. In July, Mary Antin called, saying Milo Shattuck had come back from England. Shattuck had not yet met Baba, but had heard all about him from Meredith Starr. Jean and Malcolm were deeply impressed.


Lord Meher ; Bhau Kalchuri - Vol.4  page 1465

1931 - New York State


Baba saw nine visitors at Harmon on November 14th. Among them was Kitty Davy's younger sister Angela Lambert, who had missed seeing Baba in London. Milo Shattuck, Grace Mann, Howard Inches and Donald Holloway also came to Harmon for a few days.


Lord Meher ; Bhau Kalchuri - Vol.4  page 1476

1931 - New York City


NEW YORK was unlike any other city Baba had been to and it intrigued him. On Sunday, November 15th, Baba was driven to Manhattan concerning travel documents for his return to Europe and India. Afterward, he met with several new people at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Robinson. He then went to stay at the Phelps Stokes' residence at 88 Grove Street for two days. Among those he saw in New York were Milo Shattuck and Julian Lamar again, and Anita and her mother Jacqueline de Caro, a strict Catholic who nonetheless felt something special when she saw Baba in person.


Lord Meher ; Bhau Kalchuri - Vol.4  page 1477

1932 - New York State


So, on the Memorial Day weekend ( late May ), Darwin and another young fellow named Donald Holloway drove to Harmon, about one hundred and sixty miles away. They soon found the retreat, only to learn that Baba had finished his work there early and gone on to California. This was a deep disappointment. However, the feeling there of Meher Baba's "loving presence" was still very evident. They were welcomed by a few of Baba's followers who were still there, namely Josephine Grabau, Mary Antin, Milo Shattuck, Anita de Caro, Howard Inches and Grace Mann. Josephine asked Darwin if he would like to write to Baba. He did, pouring out his heart in a letter, offering his life in Baba's service. Darwin immediately mailed it and returned to the retreat for dinner. Halfway through the meal, he began to feel Baba replying to the letter. Darwin felt a "welling through the heart with unmistakable love ... answering everything in my letter," and tears began falling from his eyes. Although he deeply regretted missing Baba, Darwin was happy that he had found Baba's followers and longed for the day when he could meet the Master in the flesh.


Lord Meher ; Bhau Kalchuri - Vol.6  page 1928