Robert Antoni. Image courtesy of Hasan Selisik
Robert Antoni. Image courtesy of Hasan Selisik


Born : 8th July 1909 - Paris, France

Died :  27th January 1967 - Paris, France

Married : 1. Helene Juliette Alexandrine Sevenie

                2. Yvonne Betasta - m. 9th April 1949 - no children

Parents : Louis Victor Antoni & Lautencine Catherine Ynaudi



Yvonne Antoni in Cagnes sur Mer - March 1979. Image courtesy of Hasan Selisik
Yvonne Antoni in Cagnes sur Mer - March 1979. Image courtesy of Hasan Selisik



Robert Antoni is the only person from France who's name is inscribed at the Meherabad Memorial Tower.


A special thanks to Hasan Selisik for all the images of both Robert and his wife Yvonne and their respective details.

Panorama of Paris, France
Panorama of Paris, France

Robert Antoni was a judiciary commissar of the police during the II WW as his position had permitted him to help and protect Juives ( Jews ) in Paris from SS chasing. As he was also in the Resistance against Nazi invasion. While he was receiving the lists of Juives to be arrested the day after, he was giving the list to other Resistance forces where Yvonne was the courier to avert them to leave their domiciles ( homes ).

Thus un jour they met each other and fall in love and got maried....

1956 - in London they met Beloved Baba and "only from that moment that Robert became more fervant than Yvonne" as she later described his faith on Baba.



 Robert & Yvonne Antoni. Image courtesy of Hasan Selisik
Robert & Yvonne Antoni. Image courtesy of Hasan Selisik

18th July, 1956 - Reubens Hotel, London


Meher Baba is giving private interviews.


A French couple, Robert Antoni, 47, and his wife Yvonne, 52, had come from Paris to meet Baba with Andrée Aron. Yvonne had first heard of Baba in Paris in 1940, during a German air raid. She had been visiting a friend when the attack came, and both hurried down into the basement shelter. When the alert was over, the elevators were not functioning, so they had to walk back up to the sixth floor.

In doing so, they helped an elderly lady reach her apartment on the fourth floor, and when they arrived at her front door the woman folded her hands saying, "Thank you, Baba."

"Who is Baba?" Yvonne asked.

At once the woman gave her a small piece of paper on which was printed: "Shri Meher Baba, write to Meherabad, India or to Princess Matchabelli, New York."

During World War Two they were not allowed to write to foreign countries, but in 1945 when the war ended, Yvonne immediately wrote to Baba and received a reply through Adi K. Irani  in which Baba conveyed: "I know you and have been protecting you."


When Yvonne finally met Baba, she recalled: "We proceeded toward a small lounge where Baba was waiting for us, seated on a sofa. When I caught sight of him, I had the impression I was seeing a radiant Being; there was a bright white light in the room."


Lord Meher Online Edition Page 3973

 Robert & Yvonne Antoni. Image courtesy of Hasan Selisik
Robert & Yvonne Antoni. Image courtesy of Hasan Selisik

July, 1956; London


Robert Antoni was feeling disheartened in his job, working with juvenile delinquents. Baba told him:

“You should not be brought down by them, but on the contrary you should uplift them and look for God in their hearts.
As long as the heart speaks, language does not matter. God is in all. He is everywhere. He needs no words or language. He does not listen to the prayers from our mouths but from our hearts. Remain happy always, even in adverse circumstances.
If there were no turmoil, you could not test your ability to remain calm. One must try to remain happy always. One must try to make others happy.”


Andrée recalled, "Robert was as moved as I was. We were both crying, even with all the joy." After their interview, the Antonis' flew back to Paris the same evening.

With families, Baba's approach was individual and yet comprehensive, and when he embraced both a husband and wife together, the couple often felt that they had entered a new era in their marriage. , p.3974

 Robert & Yvonne's Marriage Certificate.  Courtesy of Hasan Selisik
Robert & Yvonne's Marriage Certificate. Courtesy of Hasan Selisik

May 1965


Meanwhile, Robert Antoni of Paris, France, suffered a serious car accident in May 1965, and the severe shock caused him to have a nervous breakdown. His condition became so severe that his wife, Yvonne, worried that he might commit suicide, and cabled her concern to Baba. Baba sent this reply to her:

"I send my love to my dear children Yvonne and Robert. Tell Robert that he should never think of escaping. Far from being an escape, suicide is on the contrary a terrible binding. He has to face everything with the strength of Baba's love and remember me constantly".


A short while later Robert Antoni was admitted to a hospital in an emergency. He remained in a coma for three days. Yvonne cabled Baba again. She was not allowed to see her husband and was told that this was the end, that he was being kept alive artificially. All night she asked Baba to bring Robert back to life, if it was his will. The next morning a telegram came from Baba, stating: "Robert will live." At noon the hospital called Yvonne to say that Robert was better and she would be allowed to see him.

Although still ill from the accident, Robert remained alive for another year and a half. In December 1966, after being in and out of one hospital and nursing home after another, Robert requested that Yvonne cable Baba, asking if he would ever get better.

On 27 December, Baba cabled: "Robert is to accept his lot." Robert Antoni understood that this meant it was the end, and answered in a quiet voice, "I accept."

One month later, on 27 January 1967, Robert Antoni passed away at the age of 58. Yvonne was informed of it by the hospital. As she was hanging up the telephone at the same moment the doorbell rang. A telegram from Baba was delivered. It read: "Yvonne, be happy, Robert is with me. Take care of your health. Baba."


Lord Meher Online Edition Page 5157-8



1980 : Yvonne in India. Image taken & courtesy of Hasan Selisik.
1980 : Yvonne in India. Image taken & courtesy of Hasan Selisik.

The following is Hasan Selisik's account that he told Bal Natu which he recorded in July 2000 at Meherabad Hill. It was later published in Bal's book "Tales of Meher Baba's Love"

It tells how both Hasan and his older sister came to Meher Baba but also how Yvonne Antoni came into his life later on. He also tells how both Yvonne and her husband Robert came to Baba as well.


The book pages were courtesy of Hasan Selisik.


Book details :

Compiled by : Bal Natu


Published by : Madhav Natu for Friends of Bal Natu, Ahmednagar, India

187 pp. Printed by : Meher Mownavani Publications, Hyderabad, India

Memorial Tower at Meherabad, India
Memorial Tower at Meherabad, India
The Memorial Tower is located at the top R/H side of the map
The Memorial Tower is located at the top R/H side of the map

The above map is from the book "Meherabad Walking Tour" guide, authored by Peter & Debbie Nordeen . The artwork was by Glenn Magrini and colour rendering by Anthony Zois, courtesy of AMB Trust in India.