Image rendition by Anthony Zois
Image rendition by Anthony Zois


Born :

Died : 1991

Nationality ; American



Image rendition by Anthony Zois
Image rendition by Anthony Zois


Peter visited the Sahavas at the Meher Center in Myrtle Beach, SC., in 1958 when Meher Baba visited for a short time.


Peter attended the 1962 East-West Gathering for Meher Baba at Guruprasad, Poona, India.


Peter Saul, age twenty, one of Margaret Craske's dance students, also meeting Baba for the first time, "His radiance was just extraordinary. It made everything else go away. Everything became a blur, visually and aurally. I was standing next to Miss Craske. When she and Baba greeted each other, it was like a river overflowing its banks, splashing over. I was absolutely stunned."


Lord Meher Volume 14, Page 4955


Peter Saul recollected: "Miss Craske came in with me, as I was still in a stupor. Baba was sitting on the chaise lounge in a cream coat. He was so beautiful. I could hardly look at him."



Lord Meher Volume 14, Page 4958



Pilgrim Centre at Meherabad in 1991, shortly before he passed away.

Courtesy of Sheriar Foundation



That evening, several more guests spontaneously joined them at the Center by Baba's invitation: Stella Ferenze and her daughter; Carrie Ben Shammai of Israel, the ballet dancers Bunty Kelly and Peter Saul; and Harold and Virginia Rudd.


Lord Meher Volume 14, Page 5004


 Image rendition by Anthony Zois
Image rendition by Anthony Zois

After meeting with Ruth White and Hilda Fuchs privately, Baba rested in a bedroom for a few minutes. Baba and the group then left for the large restaurant next door to Hilda's, called The Garden of Allah, where there was to be a dinner that evening arranged by Hilda. All had assembled and were awaiting his arrival. Don Stevens welcomed Baba, and Ruth White read a poem.

Although Peter Saul and Charles ("Tex") Hightower had paid for their dinner in advance, when they arrived, they saw that all the seats were taken. When Baba saw them standing, he asked what was the matter. They explained. Baba then motioned to Eruch and Meherjee to get up. He had Peter and Tex sit down on either side of him.



Lord Meher Volume 14, Page 5052



Peter Saul is located 1 minute into this video clip. He is seen with of Magaret Craske's ballet students including Tex Hightower.

Courtesy of Sheriar Foundation



1956 - Photo taken at the "Holiday Inn", San Francisco ; Margaret Craske Dancers :

Tex -top left ,  Margaret - in front of Baba ; Peter Saul is top right.

Lower left : Bunty Kelley & Marie Adair far right.

Image capture from a video by Anthony Zois. The video was made by Charmaine Duce.

WHEN BABA returned to the hotel, Margaret Craske's ballet dancers had their long-promised chance to perform for him. Baba had asked them in Myrtle Beach, "Do you want to dance for me?" and told them to be ready in two days. Although the dancers had not come prepared, they went to the beach and choreographed something together. They had no music, so they had to hum and clap out the rhythm. But Baba did not ask for their performance. Only when they arrived in San Francisco did he tell them, "Tomorrow afternoon at 2 P.M. you will dance for me."

Baba closed off the interview room for them. Only he, the mandali, Margaret Craske and Bili Eaton were present. Marie Adair, Tex Hightower, Bunty Kelly and Peter Saul performed a Highland fling, and Tex and Bunty did a dance entitled "Black Bottom." Marie Adair's solo "Dance of the Sun Maid," from "Land of the Midnight Sun," followed. Peter Saul brought some different shoes and danced solo for Baba. He was rewarded, as were the others, by Baba's warm embrace. Baba, happy and relaxed, commented, "I would just like to go on watching dancing like this!" He posed with Margaret and the group for Charmian. Later in his suite he gave the dancers a few minutes alone with him. He joked with them and played his old trick on Margaret of slapping her cheek when she was not expecting it.



Lord Meher Volume 14, Page 5076



1956 Myrtle Beach SC. - ( L-R ) Don Mahler, Peter, Baba and Tex Hightower
1956 Myrtle Beach SC. - ( L-R ) Don Mahler, Peter, Baba and Tex Hightower

Peter Saul, Viola Farber, Jean Cebrun, Marie Adair, Joe Fabian, Charles Hightower, Skipper Damon, Bunty Kelly, Naomi Westerfelt, Cynthia Mays and Zebra Nevins all performed for Baba. They danced several numbers for him, both solos and duets. It was as if the walls of the Barn faded away, and the space expanded. Another dancer, Donald Mahler, had come from Canada and served as stage-hand. After one number set in the 1920s, Skipper Damon gave Baba her cloche hat, and he put it on. Baba embraced Margaret Craske and each of the dancers, and also Don Stevens. He said, "I am pleased by this performance of my lovers, done with love for me." The group afterwards said that they had never danced as they danced that afternoon.


  Lord Meher Volume 15, Page 5435
1956 Myrtle Beach SC. - ( L-R ) Don Mahler, Peter, Baba and Tex Hightower
1956 Myrtle Beach SC. - ( L-R ) Don Mahler, Peter, Baba and Tex Hightower

For the most part during his stay at the Center, it was five of the dancers who had the privilege of carrying Baba's lift-chair: Jean Cebrun, Joe Fabian, Peter Saul, Donald Mahler and Charles Hightower. When Baba was about to sit in the car, one tried to help him out of the chair. Baba would always manage to throw the man off balance whenever he tried to help Baba, and Baba would also tweak his ear. This day, the women also took a turn in carrying their Beloved around the Center.


Lord Meher Volume 15, Page 5450


1956 Myrtle Beach SC. - ( L-R ) Tex Hightower,Don Mahler, Baba and Peter
1956 Myrtle Beach SC. - ( L-R ) Tex Hightower,Don Mahler, Baba and Peter



"The Prickly Rose: A Biography of Viola Farber"

 By Jeff Slayton


There is mention of Peter in this book on page 45.



Myrtle Beach, SC. - far right
Myrtle Beach, SC. - far right

Peter: A Talk By Peter Saul, Meherabad, India, 1989 - VIDEO

Peter Saul's moving account of finding & meeting Meher Baba, at Meherabad, India in 1989. Peter, one of Margaret Craske's dancers, died in 1991. Margaret Craske was an early disciple of Meher Baba, & a world-renowned professional ballet dancer, teacher, & choreographer.










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