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With a minimum of gimmicks, just one lushly amplified Acoustic Guitar and a well developed set of techniques, Simon Imagin sounds like an army of instruments. At one moment he is playing delicate melodic patterns and the next he is assaulting the instrument with rapid fret-hammers and body-slaps using both hands. // Simon's music draws inspiration from all eras and all categories of music. Each piece is it’s own small universe with it’s own tuning and approach. His gigs are exciting events where he uses his compositions as launching-pads for improvisations. // Having started as a Composer in 1987, it took Simon a few years to discover that it wasn’t the Piano but the Acoustic Guitar that was going to be the main instrument for his music. This was a great transition though because it led to him developing unusual techniques and tunings on the Guitar in order to access some of the voicings and range that he had found on the Piano. It was not until 2004 however that he got the nerve to set out in the world of solo performance & with his 2005 album 'Circles in Teignmouth' he quickly became a fixture of the Melbourne (Australia) Acoustic scene. // Simon Imagin’s gigs need to be seen to believed. A piece written in late 2009 for my friend Paul Smith as part of my Fourth 'Ejszaka Kotta Guitar Suite'. (filmed 8 jan 2010)



This is a short version of a piece written in late 2009 for my First 'Ejszaka Kotta Guitar Suite'. Its an attempt to work some ideas that I got from Balkan folk music. (Filmed 9 Jan 2010.)



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