Michael Campagna

"Baba Bollo"
"Baba Bollo"

This CD is in the RnB-soul genre. Mani Irani taught Michael and I Baba Bollo in Mehera's Garden in 1981 after we performed in Mandali Hall for all the living mandali and pilgrims including Mehera, Mani, Meheru,Goher, Naja,Korshed,Eruch, Bal Natu, Padri, Pendu,Bhau . After singing an original gospel song Mani thought to teach us this Qawalli song because it also was a call and response type of devotional song.  - Deborah Ash

Dynamic, soulful, upbeat, with strong singing and playing by Deborah Ash and Michael Campagna and friends. From dance music to slow, melodic songs are all part of this rockin' cd. Deborah's voice is full and totally uninhibited with soft and hard just where it belongs. Includes an excruciatingly gorgeous version of "the House of the Lord".



RISE IN LOVE  ( 2000 )