Meher Baba went to stay on the 15th of April 1932 to Kim and Desmond Tolhurst's country home at Penn, Hampstead in the afternoon. Baba was to stay the night along with Zilla, Kitty and two of the mandali. 


See  Lord Meher ; Bhau Kalchuri  - Vol.5  Page 1571


Desmond Tolhurst: I am a staunch Roman Catholic, and want to lead a life of rectitude. I feel at times I am doing wrong, and I am tempted. I repeat my mistakes time and time again. I am religious-minded, and want to remain devoted to God and the Church.

Baba: Be religious, it is good. But eventually you will have to go beyond the shariat, the traditional ritual of religion.

Tolhurst: Are there any true saints and holy priests in Christianity?

Baba: There were saints, but the Christian priests are the same type as those priests in every other religion throughout the world. Out of selfishness, priests create and propagate their own customs, tenets and practises, thereby crippling religion. All these rites, rituals and ceremonies are the dry husk of the corn.

September 1931,
LM4 p1429