Born : 25th February 1931 - Heidelberg, Germany

Died : 24th December 1998 - Bronxville, New York, USA





Dance student of Margaret Craske






Peter Saul, Viola Farber, Jean Cebrun, Marie Adair, Joe Fabian, Tex Hightower, Skipper Damon, Bunty Kelley, Naomi Westervelt, Cynthia Mays and Zebra Nevins all performed for Baba. They danced several numbers for him, both solos and duets. It was as if the walls of the Barn faded away, and the space expanded. Another dancer, Donald Mahler, had come from Canada and served as stagehand. After one number set in the 1920s, Skipper Damon gave Baba her cloche hat, and he put it on. Baba embraced Margaret and each of the dancers, and also Don Stevens. He said, "I am pleased by this performance of my lovers, done with love for me." The group afterwards said that they had never danced as they danced that afternoon.

Lord Meher Online Edition Page 4397

Viola attended the Sahavas at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 1958 and also attended the East-West Gathering in Poona, India in 1962.

Recorded 1989 LA Sahavas. Excerpts from Regina Sadono 'Dancing with God in the Wings' LSLP Issue April-June 1999



The Prickly Rose: A Biography of Viola Farber

Kindle Edition, 408 pages
Published December 9th 2006 by AuthorHouse (first published November 1st 2006)