Meher Baba travelled to Ooty and the Nilgiri Hills in August 1924.


Ooty Railway Station present day.
Ooty Railway Station present day.


 August 1924


The next day, 5th August they decided to go to Nilgiri Hills instead, some 330 miles away (532 kms). This is located on the western side of southern India, south of Mysore (Mysuru). They departed on the 5th Aug. at 6:30pm for Ooty, travelling 3rd class. Baba slept that night on part of a bench.


Some time in the early morning, they thought they were heading towards Metropalayam Junction (Mettupalaiyam), but they found out they were heading in another direction, because while they slept, their carriage was attached to another train. They eventually arrived at this junction on the 6th. Baba referred to this place as "Petroleum".


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July 1924 Historical Time


5th Aug : The German delegation, including Chancellor Wilhelm Marx and Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann, joined the London reparations conference.


The narrow gauge train between Metropalayam & Ooty in the Nilgiri Hills.
The narrow gauge train between Metropalayam & Ooty in the Nilgiri Hills.


August continued ...


Baba had a bad stomach upset during this travelling. At 12:15pm, they changed to the miniature train on a narrow rail gauge, to take them up to the hills, reaching Ooty at 3:30pm and at a height of 7,250 feet (2,210 metres) above sea level, and it was very cold.


There were no hotel lodging anywhere or they were too unsanitary. They sought permission and they slept the night in an empty train carriage parked on a siding. They left Ooty at 6:20pm after touring the nearby area and returned by train to Coonoor at 7:45pm.


That night, Baba had a fever all night, and by the next morning he insisted on walking, to "Petroleum", some 21 miles (34 kms) away, leaving at 7:20am. Along the way, they had lunch and Baba told Padri "Don't ever become a Baba if you can help it".


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August continued ...


Although this whole area were tea plantations, all of the tea went for export, and only coffee was offered at all of the stops. Baba consumed nothing the whole way. They reached Kellar (Kalla) station after trekking for 16 miles ( 0kms) and they covered the remaining 5 miles (0kms) by train to Metropalayam.

They returned to Madras by train without incident arriving 8:30am of 8th August.

After arriving, they stayed in one of the traveller's hotels. One of the men travelling with Meher Baba- Baily Irani, said he had enough and was sent back to Poona with some excess luggage by train.


The other 3 men went with Baba to the Central Madras Railway Station in the 9th and departed at 8am. The men were Padri, Beheramji & Gustadji.


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