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Meher Baba visited this city 3 times.


1. Travelling from Milan to Istanbul on the Simplon Orient Express train. Arrived in Belgrade  4th October 1931.

2. Travelling from Istanbul to Paris on the same train. Arrived Belgrade 15th October 1931.

3. Travelling from Istanbul to Paris on the same train. Arrived Belgrade 2nd November 1936.

Present day map of Serbia
Present day map of Serbia

5th October, 1931

Baba boarded the Orient Express in Calais after taking the ferry across the English Channel, arriving the next day in Milan, Italy. The group was met by Enid Corfe, who brought fruit, biscuits, cheese and cakes for them to eat before proceeding. The train reached Istanbul on the 6th of October, via Venice, Trieste, Belgrade and Sofia.


Lord Meher Volume 4, Page 1454  



After staying for 8 days in Istanbul, Turkey , Meher Baba and his close ones departed on the 14th October travelling back by the same route to Milan, Italy arriving 15th October, a one day journey for the 1,899 miles ( 3,056 Kms ) trip.




Meher Baba again visited this city on the 1st November 1936. He and his 2 male companions were travelling on the same train service as the one he took in 1931 twice

On this journey they took the train from Istanbul on the 31st October and arrived in Paris via Milan on the 3rd October.

Prior to this train journey, the journey originated in Karachi, British India ( now Pakistan ) where Meher Baba along with Kaka Baria & "Chanji" Dadachanji took a commercial plane fight, departing on the 20th, arriving Baghdad on the 25th, stayed 3 days departing by the Taurus Express train service through Iraq, Syria and onto Instanbul via Konya in Turkey arriving on the 31st October and departing the same day for Paris.



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