Image rendition by Anthony Zois
Image rendition by Anthony Zois


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- from the town of Amraoti, India

Nationality : Indian


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     BEHERAMJI IRANI                                                    GUSTADJI HANSOTIA              

On the 8th July, Baba convened a meeting of the men mandali at Meherabad, and instructed every person for over an hour about their duties, for the forthcoming year of silence. Some close ones from Bombay came, matters about the school and the property were mentioned on the following day.

Behramji, Rustom K, Arjun, Gustadji and Padri  were the only men allowed to speak to Baba at certain times each day. Many directives were made throughout the day, including when he told Gulmai, "There will be another world war, it will be much more destructive and extensive than the one before. Rivers of blood will flow ! I will dip my kerchief into that river of blood and tie it around my head !  Not until the world cries for God will I give up my silence !"

When the teacher Pandoba pleaded with Baba, that if he became silent, people will no longer to have the opportunity to her what he had to declare, and the world will be deprived of his teachings. Meher Baba replied,


"I have come not to teach but to awaken !"


These were to be his last words to anyone outside of his circle, and this message was the meaning of his divine mission to the world.

The evening of the 9th July, he went to the women's quarters at the Post Office building and conveyed his final verbal instructions:

"Now listen to my last words because from tomorrow I will keep silence for one year. Attend to your duties with love and fulfill them with all your heart. Cook for the children at the school as if they were your own." "I have much to do for the world. When my work is done, I shall speak."



9th July 1925 continued...


Baba left them at 8pm and was accompanied by his uncle Masaji, and then visited the men mandali's quarters. He expressed similar words to them. He also said : "Whenever you go out during the night, always carry a lantern with you.Always beware of snakes ! I will save you from every calamity under the sun, but I won't help you if you are bitten by a snake. So be careful !"

Some more instructions were given as well.


It was 8:30 pm when he concluded talking to the 20 men around him. "I am going to the Jhopdi now. All of you go to bed."

They all dispersed, Padri went off to urinate taking a few steps he saw a 3 foot cobra ( one metre ), he lifted his lantern and shouted "Snake, snake."

Meher Baba came out of his hut and said : "What is all the noise about ?"

"Baba, we have killed the snake !"

"Who saw it?"

"I did", said Padri.

"Were you carrying a lantern ?" Padri nodded yes.


Baba was pleased that he followed his instructions about carrying a lantern. Padri handed him a staff and Baba smashed the head of the cobra with one blow. Padri was order to wash his hands several times after he buried the snake.

Baba repeated his instruction to the men "I am warning you all again. Be careful of snakes !.  Always carry a lantern and take care. Now I want everyone to go to sleep."


Baba then walked over to the women and spoke with them briefly : "How fortunate you are having heard my voice so many times today !" " This incident with the snake took place to allow you to hear me speak for the final time."


He then departed to his hut for the night, while Masaji kept watch.


The next day 10th July at 5am, Baba woke up, washed and did his rounds and inquired with them, but in writing.


*End of Vo.2 LM.