Sheriar Moondegar ( Mundegar ) Irani

Born : 21st March 1853 - Khooramshar, Iran

Died : 30th April 1932 - Bombay, India

Burial  Location : Poona Parsi Tower of Silence

** there is a grave both both Sheriar & his wife Shireen in Upper Meherabad, which contains worldly items of theirs, but not their bodies.

Married:  1892.   His wife was - Shireen Dorab Irani


Nationality : Iranian / Indian


Meher Baba's ( Merwan Irani ) father.

His faher was Moondegar Irani - he died in 1858

His mother was Mosaldoon.

Moondegar had 4 children - Sheriar ( Shahr-yar ), married Shireen

                                              - Piroja  , married Rustom Irani. She died 1917

                                              - Khodadad , married Meherangiz

                                              - brother ( unknown ) lived in Calcutta

He was 39 & Shireen was 14 when they married.

They had 9 children in all.

The 1st born was Jamshed and Shireen was only 15 the time.

He was raised by Shireen's sister - Dowla & her husband Faredoon N.Irani

Merwan was the next born a year later in 1894.

Meher Baba's father SHERIAR IRANI (called Bobo by his children) died in 1932. Baba told his brothers Beheram and Adi,

'Death is necessary and is like sleep. When a person awakes from sleep, he finds himself as he was. However, after death, a person finds himself in a different atmosphere and in a different body. Both death and birth are dreams. Where is the sense in being merry or miserable for the sake of a dream? Bobo's death, however, is not sleep. He has gone beyond it and is awake forever. He is emancipated, and has been given Mukti - Liberation.'

LM5 p1603-1604
Close-up of above image ; Sheriarji in Poona in the 1920's
Close-up of above image ; Sheriarji in Poona in the 1920's
Courtesy of Glow Int. magazine - Spring 2016
Courtesy of Glow Int. magazine - Spring 2016