Chapter 4 :


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1.                       INTRODUCTION


This web page / chapter, will follow Merwan Irani throughout the 1920s after the Perfect Masters completed his spiritual awakening, from the forming his first close group of both male & female followers, to the establishing of his ashrams and schools in various parts of India.



The beginning of this page continues the story from the previous page, when Meher Baba leaves Upasni Maharaj at his compound in Sakori, India by horse drawn tonga for the local railway station and takes the train for Bombay.


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                     2. MEHER BABA GOES TO BOMBAY - JANUARY 1922

                     3. MEHER BABA GOES TO POONA - JANUARY 1922


                     5. MANZIL-E-MEEM - JUNE 1922

                     6. MEHER BABA VISITS SAKORI - AUGUST 1922

                     7. AJMER VISIT - SEPTEMBER 1922

                     8. MEHER BABA VISITS SAKORI - OCTOBER 1922

                     9. KOLYA  & MALANG FORT VISIT - OCTOBER 1922




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 January 1922 - Meher Baba in Bombay after his journey from Sakori, India. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.
January 1922 - Meher Baba in Bombay after his journey from Sakori, India. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.






In January 1922, Perfect Master Upasni Maharaj called Meher Baba into his hut, held him in his arms for a long time, wept and said  "Ah, Meher !  My dear Meher !"


Meher Baba said goodbye to all those gathered outside the hut and swiftly climbed into a waiting horse tonga. However, Upasni's women disciples rushed forward to kiss Meher Baba's feet and have his darshan.


The horse tonga galloped away to Chitali Railway Station*.

There, all alone**, he took the train to Bombay. Most of the assembled people including Upasni stood and watched as the tonga stirred up the dust into the distance.



Meher Baba was almost 28 years old and he was the AVATAR !


Lord Meher  V2 p.334


 * It is not known which rail route was taken from Chitali to Bombay. The shortest route was via Manmad R.S.


The image prior - ( marked ## ) shows how Meher Baba appeared when he arrived in Bombay.

This is also the very first image of Meher Baba as a Spiritual Master, since leaving his teacher Perfect Master Upasni Maharaj.


**The train journey from Chitali to Bombay is only the 3rd occasion in the whole of his ministry, after leaving Upasni Maharaj's compound, that Meher Baba was all by himself.




 1922 : Manzil-e-Meem, Bombay. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Manzil-e-Meem, Bombay. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.



Meher Baba arrived at Bombay's Charni Road Railway Station from Chitali and went to Munshi Rahim's house* nearby on Charni Road.**

Munshi was shocked by Baba's poor condition, he hadn't bathed in 6 months. Munshi pleaded with him to take a bath. Baba consented on the condition that Munshi will assist him to do that.


Lord Meher  V2 p.335


** There was a Parsi(ee) rest-house called Panday 'Parsee Dharamshala' at 286 Thakurdwar, Charni Road, Bombay.

*It's not known when Meher Baba stayed at these premises or that it was the home of Munshi Rahim.

This has since been demolished and newer version erected.





Presently : Thakurdwar ठाकुरद्वार Kalbadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



Soon afterwards, Meher Baba wrote to Sadashiv Patel in Poona to arrange for a construction of a jhopdi - a thatched hut. He gave details of his intentions upon his return to Poona.

Later, accompanied by Munshi, he visited Dr. Ghani's* dispensary in Bombay.

Ghani complained to Baba that his business was not doing very well; afterwards, Baba gave him instructions and set tasks for him to do daily for the next 6 months.


Lord Meher  V2  p.335


* Ghani's dispensary was in Princess Street, Nul Bazaar in Bombay ( R.D. )


Map of Bombay / Mumbai showing the dirct road route from Charni Rd to Null Bazaar - Ghani's dispensary
Map of Bombay / Mumbai showing the dirct road route from Charni Rd to Null Bazaar - Ghani's dispensary




             LATEEF              GUSTADJI HANSOTIA         BAILY J. IRANI            "RAMJOO" JAFFER



Later, Meher Baba expressed to visit Mandwa ( 105 kms / 65 miles South of Bombay, a coastal town  ) and asked Munshi to telegram certain people in Poona and Lonavla to invite them to join him on that journey ; Munshi, Dalv*i, Lateef, Gustadji, Baily, Ghani, Abdulla Haroon Jaffer* and a professional singer all accompanied Baba on a coastal steamer from Bombay to Mandwa, about an hour's journey, on 23rd January 1922.


Lord Meher  V2 p.335


 * There is no image of Dalvi & Abdulla Haroon Jaffer available.


**Before departure S.M. Usman and Ramjoo Abdulla Jaffer arrived on board.

** S.M. Usman was Munshi Rahim's adopted son. He married 20th Aug. 1922.



After disembarking they walked to the bungalow which was rented by Dalvi. They all stayed here for 3 days and during this time, Meher Baba referred to himself as being a God-Conscious Master, a Sadguru or Qutub and remarked for the first time, that the ones present, were his close ones or 'mandali' .


The men out of respect began to refer to Meher Baba as Master or Baba.


Lord Meher  V2 p.336










All returned to Bombay on 26th January and stayed at Munshi Rahim's house.

Meher Baba laid out his plans for the next few months to Munshi. The following morning, 27th January, Baba took the train to Poona with Gustadji, Ghani, Baily and Ramjoo. When they arrived at Lonavla, Ramjoo lived here and farewelled Baba and his group of men.

Prior to leaving the train, Meher Baba asked Ramjoo if he wanted to join him, he did and then took instructions about his worldly affairs.


Meher Baba had explained both at Mandwa and on the train journey to Poona, aspects of His 'Circle' such as, it would consist of 12 men & 2 women.

They arrived the same day in Poona.


Lord Meher  V2 p.337-9


26th January 1922 Historical Timeline :


The rail journey between Bombay & Poona. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
The rail journey between Bombay & Poona. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.


After Merwan ( Meher Baba ) became a Sadguru, he wrote to his disciple Sadashir Patel in Poona, desiring him to take a lease on a small plot of land/ ground there in Poona, if possible, close by the temple of Chatarsingni and to build a small hut 6' X 10' on it. He intimated that he intended to live in that hut and no longer in the house of his parents.


Perfect Master - 2nd Ed. p.37-9




Chatarsingni Hill, Poona



Chaturshringi Hill, Pune.  Click on images below to enlarge them.
Chaturshringi Hill, Pune. Click on images below to enlarge them.
Artist version of what the Poona jhopdi might look like. Image courtesy of MN Publ.
Artist version of what the Poona jhopdi might look like. Image courtesy of MN Publ.


27th January


Upon arrival in Poona, he met with Sadashiv Patel

who then took Meher Baba to the thatched hut  (jhopdi) in a barren field surrounded by mango trees along Fergusson College Road near the locality of Chatarsingni.




Meher Baba occupied the hut on the same day. The land-lord was a school friend of Baba and refused to take any rent. The hut had an earthen floor and was made of bamboo and straw. He would occupy the hut at night to rest and no-one was allowed inside.

During the day, he relaxed under a tree and visitors would gather around him and much of the time Hindu and Muslim devotional songs ( bhajans / ghazals ) were performed.

Games would also be played and other times discourses about spirituality were said.

Baily Irani stayed with Meher Baba at night as a watchman, later Arjun Supekar would also do this duty.


Lord Meher  V2 p.341


Meher Baba stayed for about 4 months in the jhopdi - January to May.


27th January 1922 Historical Timeline : In an event now commemorated annually in Bangladesh as the Salanga massacre,[77] British Indian police fired upon a crowd of Bengali independence activists led by Abdur Rashid Tarkabagish. Hundreds of civilians, and perhaps as many as 4,500 were killed,[78] either from gunshot wounds or being trampled in the panic that followed.



1922 : Poona, India. Meher Baba playing an Indian instrument outside his thatched hut. Image rendering by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Poona, India. Meher Baba playing an Indian instrument outside his thatched hut. Image rendering by Anthony Zois.


27th January - February 1922 continued ...


Early in the morning Nervous ( Khodadad Farhad Irani ) would bring tea and breakfast from the Kasba Peth. By 9am all the men would have arrived to entertain the Master with singing, which was led by Arjun.  By 10:30 am, Baba would leave with his men to his family home at 765 Butler Moholla for lunch, where he would stay for a while before returning to his hut to read the newspaper..

In the evening , followers would come to sing, play games and make music. At 9pm, Baba would eat dinner brought to him by his paternal uncle Masaji ( Rustom G. Irani ) and then everyone, except Baily and Arjun was told to return home.



    NERVOUS - K.F. IRANI                   ARJUN SUPEKAR                     RUSTOM "MASAJI" IRANI



 MERWAN IRANI'S  HOME  - 765 Dastur Meher Road, Butler Mohalla Camp, Pune. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
MERWAN IRANI'S HOME - 765 Dastur Meher Road, Butler Mohalla Camp, Pune. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.

February 1922  continued ...


Every Thursday, Meher Baba would visit Kasba Peth and his followers would meet at the former temple room, which he had rented from Sadashiv Patel.

Here they performed the arti  ( devotional anthem / hymn ) ceremony,  which was led by him. He also gave discourses to all before talking casually with everyone about all matters. This room had been transformed into a temple with many photos of gurus and saints and in the centre, a picture of Upasni Maharaj was placed.

Arti was performed in the morning and in the evening, with prasad ( blessed food ) of fruit and sweets distributed.

Every Sunday, large groups of people would come to Baba's hut and the atmosphere was that of a carnival. Many of Baba's close ones would arrive from far away, including Gulmai K. Irani from Ahmednagar.


Lord Meher  V2  p.342


Feb. 1922 : Meher Baba and his followers in the temple room at Kasha Peth. Baba is seated - left. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
Feb. 1922 : Meher Baba and his followers in the temple room at Kasha Peth. Baba is seated - left. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.


February 1922  continued ...


When Gulmai arrived in Poona, Baba took her to his hut and had her seated on a wooded box inside, while he sat on the ground. After her initial unease about sitting above Baba, he calmed her and told that " she was his mother and he was her son and that they were connected from the very beginning. He had taken birth through her in the past lives".

He then placed his head on her shoulder and they quietly sat together for a short while.

Adi K. Irani, her son who was 21 y.o., had also come with his mother and Baba asked him to play the sitar ( which he had learnt ) while Gulmai sang in a soft voice.


Before leaving the following day, Gulmai was asked by Baba to return for his birthday on the 18th February, which would be his 28th birthday, which she did, a couple of days prior.

She was told to visit with the men mandali, Perfect Master Babajan in the evening.

It was Gulmai's first visit to Babajan, whom she had heard of. As Gulmai was about to put her head on Babajan's feet, she stopped her and cried out " You are dragging me to sin !"  Gulmai was startled, then Babajan embraced her and spoke softly "You are my mother too".


Lord Meher  V2  p.344


18th February 1922 Historical Timeline : The Co-operative Marketing Associations Act, was signed into law by U.S. President Harding and allowed agricultural cooperatives (or "farmers co-ops") to be formed in the United States by exempting them from antitrust laws.



    GULMAI IRANI                       ADI K. IRANI                  BABAJAN                    UPASNI MAHARAJ



 February 1922  continued ...


The birthday celebrations were held at Sadashiv's house which was decorated for the occasion. Lavish meals were provided for all, also, a master musician was hired who played sitar and also sang.


Meher Baba arrived in the evening and the celebrations went all night, ending with an arti written by Baba for Upasni Maharaj. Baba stayed the night instead of going back to his hut.


Gulmai had presented Baba during the night, with some clothes and a thin gold chain with Zarathustra's portrait in a locket.


Baba instructed Gulmai to spend the night at his family's house, Shireen ( Baba's mother ) took Gulmai by the hand as they were leaving.

Baba said  " These 2 ladies are my mothers - one worldly and the other spiritual ".


The next day Baba bid farewell to Gulmai and others who had come from Ahmednagar.


Lord Meher  V2  p.344-5

Trimmed image and rendition by Anthony Zois.
Trimmed image and rendition by Anthony Zois.


March 1922  continued ...


A Brahmin named Bapu Ghante who live in Kasha Peth area of Poona, became very devoted to Meher Baba. Baba gradually taught Bapu English and to sing their praises.

Others who also came into Baba contact was Daulat Jehangir's sister Freiny* and her son Faredoon*.


During March, Gulmai came for Baba's darshan ( blessing ). Outside his hut, Baba presented her with a photo of himself and declared to all there ;

" Gulmai 's connection with me is very old. She is my spiritual mother ".


He then asked her, " I want a promise from you today. Will you give it ?"

She replied, " I would offer my very life to you ".


Baba then said, "Give me your son Adi and your daughter Dolly. I want them free for my own purposes. Fulfill your parential resposibilities by arranging your other son Rustom's marriage soon. Later, arrange your daughter Piroja's marriage".


Gulmai could not deny his request and so accepted his wish, without consulting her husband.


She was harassed by her relatives thereafter, but she remained steadfast in her commitment to Baba.


Gulmai had come again to Poona with her son Adi and they were invited to sit in Baba's hut, where he proceeded to tell them why he had chosen the very spot for his hut. Baba revealed a long time ago, when the area was a jungle, a very great sadhu had lived there in the exact spot which he had sanctified.



* There is are no images available for Freiny & her son Faredoon ( Freiny was Daulat's sister )



   BAPU  GHANTE            DAULAT J. IRANI               RUSTOM  K. IRANI           PIROJA  K. IRANI



March 1922  continued ...



Sometime afterwards, Gulmai's nephew Sarosh K. Irani arrived from Panchgani, where he was studying in college. He arrived near Baba's hut and was waiting in his tonga for Gulmai to come out. He wasn't interested in Meher Baba and just wanted to tell his aunt what drama had ensured which made staying at college very difficult. 

When Gulmai did talk to him, she told him he was a difficult student, he then left to stay in Poona overnight. Baba asked who the student was and expressed a desire to meet Sarosh and asked Gulmai to arrange it.

The following day, Sarosh returned to Baba's hut and immediately fell to Baba's feet and expressed remorse at his behaviour and repented. Baba rubbed his head and remarked to him " If you do as I say, I will make you a king ! "  Sarosh was taken aback.

Baba told Sarosh to study to be an electrician in Poona. Baba later, went and arranged his admittance to the school and even his boarding and lodging at Khoda's home along with his cousin Adi K. Irani, who was attending Deccan College.


Although Sarosh's father ( Kaikhushru "Elder" A. Irani ) was pleased with the news about his son's educational path, he was very upset about Meher Baba's involvement, but Sarosh was profoundly affected by Baba's kindness.




1922 : Meher Baba ( right ) resting with Gustadji Hansotia. Image rendering by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Meher Baba ( right ) resting with Gustadji Hansotia. Image rendering by Anthony Zois.


March 1922  continued ...


On 11th March, the Hindu festival of Holi ( Fire ) was celebrated. Many people attended; singing and playing until midnight. Baba told Gulmai and her son Adi to stay the night in the hut. Early next morning, Baba threw a sitar, tambura and a tabla drum into the fire and said " It is an offering. "  Later, the ashes of the instruments were buried and small clay models of the instruments erected over their graves.

From that time onwards, the Holi festival was transformed into the Master's Dhuni Day and the earthen pit was kept burning for days.




11th March 1922 Historic Timeline : Riots killed 100 striking gold mine workers in the worst day of the Rand Rebellion in the Witwatersrand region of South Africa.

The National Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament, the first national college basketball championship ever held in the United States, was played in Indianapolis, Indiana.



                   SAROSH  K. IRANI                            KAIKHUSHRU "ELDER" A. IRANI



March 1922  continued ...



In late March, Lateef gave Meher Baba a new bicycle and a lottery was proposed to whom Baba would give it to. All tickets were sold to the followers and it was decided to do the drawing at the nearby village of Chinchwad on 25th March. Nervous won and his old bicycle was taken in exchange, Baba ordered it to be cut up into pieces and then thrown into the nearby well.

Nervous ( K.F. Irani ) was not concerned by the order by Baba, but others were puzzled by it.

When Meher Baba returned to Poona from Chinchwad, Baily informed Baba that he had fallen into a well and at the exact time the bicycle was being thrown into the well. Baily said it was miraculously he didn't drown, a stranger had rescued him. When the others heard about what happened they pieced the pieces together and realized the coincidence and the bigger picture.


Lord Meher  V2  p.350


Baily's brother was Homi Irani.


25th March 1922 Historic Timeline : Britain and Iraq signed a military agreement giving the British control over Iraqi defenses.






The village, now, city of Chinchwad is 15.7 Kms ( 9.7 miles ) NW of Pune on the Old Mumbai Road, Pune Highway.



April 1922 :


Meher Baba mentioned to his men followers that, soon, he would be moving to Bombay.


One day Meher Baba whilst walking in Poona, explained to the ones with him that there were 2 types of Avataric incarnations - minor and major.


He revealed " In a past lifetime, I was Shivaji. Until recently, the British have left nothing undone to detract from Shivaji historically. Yet they have now had a statue ( actually a foundation stone ) unveiled by the Prince of Wales* last year in Shaminar Wada, Poona, when I was present in this form."


Looking at the men with him he said , " You were all with me at the time of Shivaji.  Beheramji was Afzal Khan, the Mogul General who was killed by Shivaji. Sadashiv Patel was Taraji Mahoore, who gave his life to save Shivaji."


Later, Baba told Adi K. Irani that he was the wife of Shivaji.


Lord Meher  V2  p.356


* The Prince of Wales later became King Edward V111 ( 8th ) of Breat Britain & the Commonwealth.


Historical notes :


On the 9th November 1921, the Prince of Wales arrived in Poona by train and was escorted by a parade of Lancers, elephants and camels to lay the foundation stone of Shivaji in an effort to appease Indian nationalism. The statue was made in Bombay and transported to Poona and unveiled on 16th June 1928, by the Governor of Bombay, Sir Leslie Wilson.

At the time of the Prince of Wales' visit to Poona in 1921, Meher Baba was staying at Upasni Maharaj's compound in Sakori, India.

There is another video on YouTube showing the Prince of Wales visit to India, including Poona, but not of the foundation stone unveiling.


9th November 1921 Historic Timeline : Italy's National Fascist Party (Partito Nazionale Fascista or PNF) was founded at a convention of Fascist Italians in Rome.



The video below is of the unveiling of the statue in 1928.






April 1922 : continued....


Daulat J. Irani with her sister Freiny Driver, would visit Meher Baba at his hut. Daulat's husband Jehangir, had been a forest officer for the government and travelled throughout India. He had died in his middle-age, years earlier in 1915, suffering from a severe ear infection.

Daulat settled in Poona with her 2 daughters, Mehera and Piroja ( Freiny ).


They as yet, had not formally met Meher Baba. Mehera had been staying at Sakori under Upansi Maharaj's guidance. She had noticed Meher Baba in late January 1921 when he left Sakori for Bombay and was drawn to his remarkable face.



Lord Meher  V2  p.357-9


1912 : Jehangir & Daulat with their daughters Piroja - 9 y.o.( left ) & Mehera - 5 y.o.( right ). Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
1912 : Jehangir & Daulat with their daughters Piroja - 9 y.o.( left ) & Mehera - 5 y.o.( right ). Image rendition by Anthony Zois.


April 1922 : continued....


On one occasion, Mehera was taken by a school friend whilst in Poona, to visit Babajan.

Babajan asked young Mehera ( 15 y.o. ) "What would you want, my daughter ? "

She replied, "I wish I had a horse."  Babajan responded, "A fine horse.....You will have a very fine horse which will carry you to the heavens ! "


When Mehera returned home, she found that her mother had bought her a beautiful white horse that very day !


Lord Meher  V2  p.359


 Mehera J. Irani - aged 5 years old. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
Mehera J. Irani - aged 5 years old. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.



April 1922 : continued....


Whilst Arjun was on night duty, Meher Baba had told him not to be afraid of anything. One night Arjun heard noises and rustling and then saw 2 huge figures getting bigger and bigger nearby. He became petrified and Baba emerged from his hut and asked, " What's the matter with you ? " 

He continued, " Didn't I tell you not to be afraid when I am here ? "

He then said, " These are ghosts who come to me seeking rebirth. Such spirits of the dead have committed suicide and are unable to take another birth for several centuries. Every night such ghosts come to me , so never be afraid. They won't harm you ."

Arjun became sick after that encounter and continued to be so, for a period of time.


Lord Meher  V2  p.363


1922 : Poona, India. Meher Baba relaxing outside his thatched hut. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Poona, India. Meher Baba relaxing outside his thatched hut. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.


May 1922 :


In May 1922, Meher Baba arranged a grand celebration of Upasni Maharaj's birthday at Sakori. He told all his mandali, " All should be prepared to accompany me to Sakori on the 9th May. We will celebrate Maharaj's birthday there and afterwards we will march on foot to Bombay." 


The mandali already knew of the proposed one year stay in Bombay. Many men agreed to join Baba and he asked them to sign an 'Agreement of Surrender' to Meher Baba, thereby formalizing their promise to stay with the Master and obey him.


A farmer Rustom Beheram Jafrabadi ( Baidul ) from Iran ( Persia ) who had migrated to India several years earlier, had been working at a tea shop opposite Char Bawdi in Poona, where Babajan would visit daily and drink cup after cup of tea. Baidul had come to India in search of gurus and saints.


Lord Meher  V2  p.366


Rustom Beheram Jafrabadi  " Baidul ". Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
Rustom Beheram Jafrabadi " Baidul ". Image rendition by Anthony Zois.




Hazrat  Babajan's Dargah  &  Char Bawdi area, Pune



May 1922 : continued....


On the 9th May, Meher Baba and his followers took the 4:30 pm train to Sakori from Poona.

Many from Bombay were also on board, eventually getting off at Chitali Railway Station.

Most walked with Baba  to Maharaj's compound in Sakori.

They all took Upasni Maharaj's darshan. The celebrations lasted for 4 days, with Sunday the 14th May at 6pm as the highlight. It was then Baba dressed Maharaj in new clothes, turban and sandals, before placing multitudes of garlands upon him.


Both Meher Baba and Upasni Maharaj sat together discussing matters.



During the celebrations, Upasni said, " All of you pay heed to what I tell you. Merwan is the Avatar. I have handed the key of whatever I possess to Merwan. Now hold to his feet, not only with one hand but with both hands !  This is my advice to you ; you would do well to follow  it. "


He continued, " Merwan will make the whole world dance on his little finger !  You yourselves, will see even people from the Western World come for his darshan and blessings. By the grace of God, if you follow my advice, you will certainly reach the goal !"


Before everyone departed Upasni Maharaj performed the engagement ceremony of Naval Talati & Dina Karani.

He told them to consult with Merwan for their marriage dates.


Lord Meher  V2  p.372



  UPASNI  MAHARAJ                               TINA  KARANI                                  NAVAL  TALATI



May 1922 : continued....


All departed on the 15th May, except Meher Baba & Gustadji, who stayed until the - 20th May, an extra 5 days.

Everyone of his followers who had signed their commitment were busy selling the businesses to raise funds for Meher Baba and their stay in Bombay, where Munshi was searching for a suitable bungalow in the Andheri district of Bombay.






4.   Meher Baba walk from Poona to near Bombay



After Baba returned to Poona, he entered the hut for the last time at 10:30pm Sunday night May 21st. 1922, All the men went into the hut and bowed down to Gustadji's photo, after which it was taken down and the hut dismantled.


Meher Baba then led the men to Sadashiv's home where each man's bedding roll and kit were placed in a bullock cart. So at 2am - May 22nd, they all departed Kasba Peth in Poona by foot, first to see Babajan. Baba stood away from her but the others sought her blessings.


Meher Baba led the 45 men to Bombay ( 22 Hindus, 12 Muslims & 11 Zoroastrians ). They walked in rows of 4 abreast and all were kept in line. After 4 hours they arrived at Chinchwad village. They stayed in a bungalow opposite the train station. After a short rest they proceeded, however, the older ones were sent ahead by train.


Lord Meher  V2  p.374



21st May 1922 Historic Timeline : Three English mountaineers on the British expedition to Mount Everest came within 2,239 feet (682 m) of the summit of the 29,032.7 feet (8,849.2 m) high mountain, the tallest on Earth. George Mallory and Major Edward F. Norton, accompanied by the expedition's physician, Dr. Howard Somervell.


22nd May 1922 Historic Timeline : A member of parliament for Northern Ireland, was shot and killed by the Irish Republican Army while walking to work in Belfast. The government of Northern Ireland, led by Sir James Craig, issued a declaration outlawing the Irish Republican Army & other groups the following day.

An attempt by rebels to overthrow the government of Nicaragua failed after an intervention by U.S. Marines occupying the Central American nation.





Map : Poona to Talegaon road journey. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
Map : Poona to Talegaon road journey. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
Graphics & images rendering by Anthony Zois.
Graphics & images rendering by Anthony Zois.
List of the men who walked with Meher Baba from Poona to Bombay. The names of the missing will be added when they become available.
List of the men who walked with Meher Baba from Poona to Bombay. The names of the missing will be added when they become available.


22nd May 1922Sunday - continued....


By 2pm they reached Khind village, with Meher Baba, Sarosh and Ramjoo leading the way to Talegaon village, where they rested under the trees. Ghani was very sick. Baba gave him some quinine. They rested overnight.



23rd May 1922 : Monday


Without any breakfast they resumed at 5am, walking for 4 hours, to arrive at Kamshet village at 9am.


Here they rested for the day, avoiding the heat under the shade of a small grove. They had something to eat and again stayed overnight. They used the same method over the next several days to ovoid the heat.




24th May 1922 : Tuesday


They set-off  at 5am from Kamshet, Baba twisted his ankle badly that it became swollen and inflamed. Despite the injury, Baba still kept up the pace when the walk was later resumed.  3 hours later, they arrived in Lonavla at 8am. Tea was consumed and after a short rest and refreshed, they reached Khandala in an hour during the day. They stayed the night.



25th May 1922 : Wednesday


Meals were prepared at a reserved area. They set-off again at 7am. At 8am, they had reached the top of Bhor Ghat of the Khandala Mountains. Baba had purchased soft canvas shoes for the men, due to the state of their ailing feet.



26th May 1922 :Thursday


At 5pm they arrived at Khopoli village, soon they ascended Bhor Ghat mountains.

Lord Meher  V2  p.376


At 9pm they proceeded towards Chowk ( Chauk ) village, walking the 20 miles, arriving at 2am. They rested by the side of the road.

Lord Meher  V2  p.377



27th May 1922 : Friday


 At 4pm, they set-off for Panvel, arriving at 9pm, resting in a dharmshala ( resting house ). Faredoon ( Padri ) was stung by a scorpion on his back, after he awoke from resting. Padri was treated, but suffered greatly that night.


Meher Baba announced " Now that we have reached Panvel, where the sea meets the land, our pilgrimage on foot is over. We have reached the limit of our journey by foot. We will now proceed to Bombay in a truck ".


Lord Meher  V2  p.379, also Ramjoo's Diaries p. 47-50



23rd May 1922 Historic Timeline :  Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Soviet Union's Communist Party and premier of the USSR, suffered the first of three strokes, and was rendered paralyzed on his left side and unable to speak.


24th May 1922 Historic Timeline : Pope Pius XI opened the 26th International Eucharistic Congress in Rome with 30,000 people taking part in the opening ceremony.


25th May 1922 Historic Timeline : A general strike was called in Rome in protest against the disorders in San Lorenzo. Thousands of pilgrims attending the Eucharistic Congress had to walk to St. Peter's Basilica to hear the Mass because all public transportation was shut down.


26th May 1922 Historic Timeline : The Narcotic Drugs Import and Export Act, commonly called the Jones-Miller Act, was signed into law by U.S. President Warren G. Harding and created the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, predecessor to the Drug Enforcement Administration.


27th May 1922 Historic Timeline : A civil war broke out in Paraguay The war would continue for almost 14 months.

A parade of 25,000 Ukrainian Americans took place in New York City to protest the Polish military occupation of East Galicia The group then held a mass meeting in Madison Square Garden.



1922  : Map showing the route that Meher Baba & his male followers took from Poona to Bombay. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Map showing the route that Meher Baba & his male followers took from Poona to Bombay. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.



Haji Abdur Rehman Baba's Tomb


Haji Abdur Rehman. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
Haji Abdur Rehman. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.

Haji Abdur Rehman ( Rahman ) was born in the Salem district of Madras & later moved to Bombay.

He died 13th February 1918 and the dargah was built where he lived / occupied.



28th May 1922 : Saturday - continued....


After lunch, a large truck was hired to take them to Bombay. They had tea and cake at a restaurant at Mumbra. They eventually arrived in Bombay at 4pm, stopping by the tomb of the Perfect Master Abdur Rehman.

Meher Baba standing by the truck, instructed the men to go into the tomb and pay their respects. When they returned they found Baba in lying in a prone position on the road, bowing full length in the direction of the tomb.

( Baba's visit was just over 4 years after the Master passed away & at the time the dargah was newly built )


They all walked from the tomb to Munshi Rahim's house ( they drove to Munshi Rahim's  house - Ramjoo's diaries  p.51 ) on Charni Road and stayed there until a suitable place was found.*


After arriving Baba took a bath and changed his clothes and ordered the others to do the same. Baba later proclaimed the pilgrimage a success.



* Note: In the book version of Lord Meher p.379, it states that the tomb visited was that of Chaman Baba. The On-line version of Lord Meher ( this is the latest info ) has the tomb belonging to Abdur Rehman. The latter, is also supported in Ramjoo's Diaries book.



Map of Bombay showing the 2 principal places used by Meher Baba also the Tomb  of Abdur Rehman in 1922. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
Map of Bombay showing the 2 principal places used by Meher Baba also the Tomb of Abdur Rehman in 1922. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
1922 : The journey timeline from Poona to Bombay. Created by Anthony Zois.
1922 : The journey timeline from Poona to Bombay. Created by Anthony Zois.



29th May 1922 : Sunday - continued....


On the 29th May, the Muslim Festival of Id - the birthday of Mohammed the Prophet was celebrated at Munshi's home. He had a large canopy erected for all.



30th May 1922 : Monday


The following day, an intense search for a suitable bungalow for Baba and the men began.



2nd June 1922 : Thursday


On the 4th day of searching, one was found and approved by Baba, it was found in the Dadar district of Bombay at 167 Main Street, ( near - Ramjoo D ) opposite the G.I.P. railway station.

It took 2 more ( 4th June ) days to settle the terms of rent from the landlord - Haji Abdur Rehman. The property was rented in Beheramji's name for an amount of 350 rupees per year.


Lord Meher  V2  p.380


29th May 1922 Historic Timeline : The objection by Pope Pius XI to the proposed British Mandate over Palestine was received by the League of Nations. The Roman Catholic Church stated that creation of a Jewish homeland in the Holy Land in Palestine gave unequal privileges to Zionists.


30th May 1922 Historic Timeline : The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day, with U.S. President Warren G. Harding praising President Abraham Lincoln.The building took 10 years to construct.






5.                          MANZIL - E - MEEM


House of the Master



 1922 : Bombay. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Bombay. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.


June 1922 :


Later, Slamson supervised the partitioning into different rooms - 2 large halls & 13 small bedrooms, 8 ft sq., with white-washed gunny cloth. A large kitchen was made at one end.

On the 2nd floor, a small room was given to Gustadji, while Sadashiv & Beheramji shared a room. A small bedroom off the large hall on the upper floor was for Meher Baba.

Baba and the men moved in on the 7th June after the renovations.

The first topic was to name the place, Baba decided it should be called "Manzil-e-Meem" the House of the Master.* That night, Baba requested a music program of qawaali singing and invited many of the neighbourhood Muslims to attend.

Meher Baba & Ghani prepared the house rules** ( a list of 7 orders)2 days prior,

and this was given to every man to sign.



Lord Meher  V2  p.381


* The house consisted of 15 rooms and it was never furnished as per Baba's instructions.

God Man  p.29


** The full list of instruction are listed in the various publication referenced.


7th June 1922 Historic Timeline : The Greek Navy armored cruiser Georgios Averof shelled the Turkish city of Samsun, prompting the Ottoman government to deport Greek residents in western towns and villages under Turkish control.

The British Mount Everest expedition was called off after an avalanche killed seven of the 17 mountaineers on the team of Nepalese Sherpa porters carrying the supplies.






 1922 : Trip from Dadar to Bandra map. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Trip from Dadar to Bandra map. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.


July 1922


On the afternoon of Sunday 2nd July, Meher Baba went with the men mandali to Bandra in the north of Bombay by train, to play games of 'iti-danda' by the seashore.


Meanwhile, a new hardware business* under the partnership of Usman and Behramji was started in Vazier Mansions on Sandhurst Road in the style of S.A. Wahab & Co. This was to ensure that everyone who lived at the Manzil had an occupation.


Ramjoo's Dairies  p.56



 *It is not clear whether the business was located near the Sandhurst Road Railway Station, in Eastern Bombay / Mumbai.




1976 : Khorshed Irani on the entrace steps of the Manzil-e-Meem. Photo courtesy of John Connor.
1976 : Khorshed Irani on the entrace steps of the Manzil-e-Meem. Photo courtesy of John Connor.



July 1922 : continued....


Meher Baba ordered Ghani to close his ailing dispensary and stay with him at Manzil-e-Meem.

On the 12th JulyGhani closed his business "American Homeopathic Stores & Co."

On the 19th July, Baba requested a few of the men to start composing poetry and encouraged their efforts.


Lord Meher  V2  p.390


Aspandiar Rustom Irani ( Pendu ) came from Quetta to where he had moved after his mother Piroja died in 1917. She was Merwan's paternal aunt, her husband Masaji had joined Baba in Bombay. Pendu was working for a nephew of Gulmai's - Rusi Jehangir Irani. Naja ( Pendu's sister ) had been sent to Quetta earlier. When Pendu came to Bombay on business for Rusi, he met with Meher Baba at the Manzil-e Meem and agreed to join his group after agreeing to Baba's terms.


All the men at the Manzil were assigned duties, such as Ahmed Abbas & Asar Saheb who were engaged to write Upasni Maharaj's biography in Urdu. Other men were employed in either in a government office or factory or a private company. All had to be back by 7pm.


Lord Meher  V2  p.392-4



         PENDU                                 MASAJI                          NAJA                                RUSI



July - August 1922 : continued....


In the evening of the 27th July, Baba and a few of his men went for a motor spin ( drive ) to Haji Abdur Rehman Baba's Tomb or Dargah.


Ramjoo's Diaries  p.59



On the 28th July, Meher Baba & Ahmed Abbas went to Poona to research facts about Upasni Maharaj. Baba spoke with him extensively for 4 days, while Ahmed wrote down notes about his life and about Sai Baba of Shirdi.


Lord Meher  V2  p.394



Baba had gone with Khak Saheb ( Ahmed Abbas ) & Trimbuk to Sakori to visit Upasni Maharaj by the Nagpur Mail ( train ). He returned  3 days later on the 31 July.


Ramjoo's Diaries  p.59




6.                        TRIP TO SAKORI


1922 : Bombay to Poona then to Chitali and return to Bomaby via Manmad. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Bombay to Poona then to Chitali and return to Bomaby via Manmad. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.



August 1922



In the early hours, of the 6th August, Gustadji took the men to Sakori on the Delhi Express arriving in Sakori at 11:30am, joining at noon with arti for Upasni Maharaj.


They all left Sakori the next day at 5:30pm, catching the Manmad train at Chitali station at 11:30pm and then onto Bombay.


On the 11th August, Bapu Ghante, a Brahmin came to the Manzil-e-Meem from Poona and he displeased Baba, resulting in a serious wrestling episode. Bapu was a bulky man, nevertheless, Baba ejected him from the premises, but, all changed very quickly after a kind talk from Baba and the atmosphere calmed.

This was also New Years Day for the Parsis.


On the 18th August, Upasni's chief woman disciple - Durgamai, came to stay a few days at the Manzil in Bombay.


Ramjoo's Diaries  p.60-61


6th August 1922 Historic Timeline : Martial law declared in parts of northern Italy to curb Fascist violence.








 1976 : Khorshed Irani on the entrace steps of the Manzil-e-Meem. Photo courtesy of John Connor.
1976 : Khorshed Irani on the entrace steps of the Manzil-e-Meem. Photo courtesy of John Connor.


 August 1922 : continued....


During August, Naval Talati* began visiting the Manzil everyday and soon became devoted.

One day he brought along a friend Hormusji Jehangir Valifday, a famous cricketeer to meet Baba, he was 29 y.o. and he too became devoted and would also made daily visits. They would both bring bread and were considered a part of Meher Baba's Circle, but they didn't stay overnight with him.


Lord Meher  V2  p.398-9


Note :  S.M. Usman ( Munshi Rahim's adopted son ) married on 20th August 1922.

* Naval Talati was living at Bombay Central area.


On the 21st August, they decided to go to Ghodbunder on a picnic. Some of the men went up ahead. From Dadar Railway Station they took the train to Borivali and then to Ghodbunder. They all thoroughly enjoy the natural setting of land and sea. They stayed the night and moved on to another location.


After travelling by foot, they returned to Charni Road, a week later, then back to the Manzil by noon of the 27th August.


Ramjoo's Diaries  p.62-3


** It's not clear how many of the men went with Meher Baba on the trip and if they went elsewhere in the days between the 21st & 27th August.



27th August 1922 Historic Timeline : An underground fire at the Argonaut gold mine in Jackson, California, killed 47 miners.








August - September 1922 : continued....



The biography on Upasni Maharaj was also written in Gujarati & Marathi.


Baily wrote the Gujarati version while a writer named Nath Madhue wrote the Marathi.





Meher Baba asked the famous writer Sohrab Desai from Navsari to edit the Gujarati account of the biography, to which he agreed, especially after he discovered that Meher Baba wrote poetry under the name, Huma: poetry which he had previously admired.



Meher Baba and most of the men mandali came to Charni Road on the 2nd September at Munshi's to watch Vajifdar play cricket on the Parsi Gymkhana grounds.






1922 : Map showing the location of Charni Road & the Parsi Gymkhana grounds in Bomabay.
1922 : Map showing the location of Charni Road & the Parsi Gymkhana grounds in Bomabay.



September 1922 : continued....


On the 10th September, a white pigeon flew into the Manzil-e-Meem. When the bird was captured it becames apparent that it was very ill. Although Baba nursed the bird throughout the night it died. Baba explained the bird was a message from Babajan. The bird was buried by Baba in the backyard of the Manzil.


Lord Meher  V2  p.410


10th September 1922 Historic Timeline : Film producer Hal Roach introduced the first of 220 short films in the Our Gang series.

Born: Yma Sumac (stage name for Zoila Chávarri del Castillo), Peruvian soprano; in Callao (d. 2008)




Late 1922 Bombay - Meher Baba. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.
Late 1922 Bombay - Meher Baba. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.

  GUSTADJI                  GHANI                SADASHIV              ADI K. IRANI          SAYYED SAHEB



September 1922 : continued....


On the night of the 11th September, Meher Baba with Gustadji, GhanI, Sadashiv, Adi and Sayyed Saheb left Bombay by the Gujarat Mail train for Ajmer in Northern India, arriving at 10:30pm of the following day ( 12th ).

They stayed at the Edward Memorial Hotel, where Baba was suffering continually from dysentery and became seriously ill.


Lord Meher  V2  p.410


The distance by rail from Bombay ( Mumbai ) to Ajmer is 1,018 kms / 632 miles. It took over 24 hours to travel by train in the 1920s, it now takes just under 16 hours.



11th September 1922 Historic Timeline : Allied troops landed at Çanakkale and set up a neutral zone between Greece and Turkey.


Turkish troops who had taken over the Smyrna Province from Greece carried out a massacre of Armenian residents under the direction of the new Turkish Governor, Nureddin Pasha, according to a statement made afterwards by a British eyewitness.


The Treaty of Kars was ratified in Yerevan, setting the boundary between Turkey and the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.


Vladimir Lenin proposed that Leon Trotsky, alongside Lev Kamenev, would become Lenin's deputy, Trotsky declined.





7.                          AMJER  VISIT


1922 : Bombay to Amjer rail journey. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Bombay to Amjer rail journey. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.

 September 1922 : continued....


On the 14th September, under Baba's orders, all fasted for 24 hours  while visiting the tomb of Muslim Perfect Master Khwaja Saheb Christi. Muslim Perfect Master Khwaja Saheb Christi is famous for being the head of the spiritual hierarchy in the 12th Century.



Baba was still very ill, so he stayed in the hotel, he sent the men to visit other sites -

- the Jain Golden Temple -

- the Dowlat Gardens -

- the Anna Sagar Lake ( Anasagar Lake ) -

- the Shah Jehan Mosque - ( Ghani & Sayyed were sent there ).

 - Tara-Garh


 Lord Meher  V2  p.410


14th September 1922 Historic Timeline : IRA forces overran the National Army garrison at Drumshanbo.



1922 : Trimmed image. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Trimmed image. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.


September 1922 : continued....


Khak Saheb arrived on the 16th September and Baily Irani on the 18th from Poona. On the same day ( 18th ), Baba directed the men to go to Pushkar Raj, which is 10 miles north- west of Ajmer. The men insisted that Baba accompany them, despite his weak state of health.

They travelled by an 'ekha' - horse drawn carriage.


 Lord Meher  V2  p.410

Ramjoo's Diaries  p.70



The men went to the famous Hindu Temple, paid their respects and returned to the hotel, the same day,

They boarded the night train at 11:30pm, reaching Dadar, Bombay on the 19th September, at 7am, with Baba still suffering the whole journey due to the train motions. Baba recovered fully in the 27th Sept., by singing devotional songs with Adi playing sitar and Baba played the dholak.


 Lord Meher  V2  p.411,_Pushkar


16th September 1922 Historic Timeline : British troops with heavy artillery landed in Turkey to prevent the Turks from taking control of the Dardanelles or Bosporous Straits.


The League of Nations approved the Trans-Jordan memorandum setting the boundaries of the Kingdom of Jordan, with the Jordan River setting the border between the Palestine mandate.


18th September 1922 Historic Timeline :

  • The Turkish Army completed the "Great Offensive", the three-week final push to rid Asia Minor of Greek occupational forces, winning the last battles of the Greco-Turkish War with the capture of Artake (Erdek) and Pegaea (Biga).
  • Hungary was admitted to the League of Nations.
  • The 47 miners trapped in the Argonaut Mine in Jackson, California on August 27 were found dead.


Pushkar, India
Pushkar, India


October 1922 :


New daily instructions for the residents of the Manzil-e-Meem came into effect on the 1st October.

Ghani wrote as per Baba's instruction, a letter to Prof. Shiak Abdul Kadar Surfraz of Elpinstone College in Bombay, which was given to Munshi Rahim to deliver. The letter was to inform the professor not to come unless called for. The professor had planned to visit.


A Zoroastrian named Khodadad K. Irani, a relative of Adi's, had heard of Baba from Gulmai and was permitted to stay at the Manzil. He was working at a textile mill during the day and was a chronic asthma sufferer since childhood, so Baba nicknamed him "Asthma".

What became apparent to all, was that since moving in, his condition had improved.


On 4th October, Asthma purchased a new bicycle and brought it to the Manzil. Baba rode it in the backyard and then told Asthma not to allow anybody else to ride it.


On the 5th, Baba stated that some noise in the Manzil was keeping him awake at night.

Baba explained that it was a ghost ; "This spirit is always with me, wherever I go. He is one of the ghosts whom Arjun saw outside my hut in Poona. Upasni Maharaj has put him in my charge. Some of you may see this spirit. If it happens, don't feel afraid of him and don't be afraid to move about the Manzil at night".


Once Ghani was massaging Baba's legs at night, Baba further explained about ghosts and why he had his body rubbed ; " The physical contact of a human being with my body keeps the 'spirit world' away from me for the time being and thereby enables me to snatch a little rest. My sleep is not the sleep of ordinary human beings, it is a sort of mental rest from my spiritual working. A spirit always accompanies me wherever I go and in whatever I do".


 Lord Meher  V2  p.412- 420


Ghani had been massaging Baba's legs, when he remarked that he had a sore neck, Baba told him to rub coconut oil onto it.

Lord Meher  V2  p.425


1st October 1922 Historic Timeline : The White House Police Force was created by order of U.S. President Warren G. Harding.


4th October 1922 Historic Timeline : The Allied and Turkish representatives at Mudanya agreed to allow Turkey to have all of Thrace and to place Constantinople under joint control.


5th October 1922 Historic Timeline : Forest fires in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec killed 43 people, as well as burning 650 square miles (1,700 km2) of property.



 1922 : Bombay. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Bombay. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.



October 1922 : continued....


Naval Talati had recommended the purchase of Khak Saheb's old car for the use of the Master. The car was a 'De Dion',  a French model car and it was purchased for 100 rupees. A further 200-300 rupees was spent on repairs.


On the 5th October, Baba, Behramji, Gustadji and Munshi rode in it to Malabar Hill for a test drive. It halted a few times. Despite some tinkering to the old, old engine, it didn't drive well.


When Naval returned, Baba lambasted him about the car was 'a steal'. Baba stated

"it was so loud when it moved, pedestrians would move out of the way without using the horn and who would be a fool enough to ride in such a car !"


That same day Baba received a parcel from Asar with a few samples of the poster advertisement of Maharaj's biography.



 Early 1920s. Meher Baba wearing a fez throughout these years. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
Early 1920s. Meher Baba wearing a fez throughout these years. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.


October 1922 : continued....


News came on the 7th October, that Arjun's brother's son had died from the plague in Poona, a prediction that Baba had made recently. He stated that it would start in the Bhanburda, spread to Kasba Peth, and then throughout the whole of Poona. Arjun's wife had already died from this plague.

With all of this news, Arjun decided to leave Baba and return to Poona.



Please note : Naval Talati lived on the 1st Floor of Shivial Motilad Mansions at Bombay Central.


5th October 1922 Historic Timeline : The United Kingdom and France agreed to Turkey's demand to be allowed to annex Eastern Thrace, formerly Greek territory that had been conquered by Turkey in the Greco-Turkish War, on condition that Greek troops in the area be allowed 30 days to withdraw while Allied troops occupied the region.


Mrs. Rebecca Latimer Felton became the first woman to be appointed as a United States Senator.



Naval Talati's home : 1st floor - Shivlal Motilal Mansion ( front & rear views ) Photo taken in 2011. Courtesy of Cyrus M. Khambata.
Naval Talati's home : 1st floor - Shivlal Motilal Mansion ( front & rear views ) Photo taken in 2011. Courtesy of Cyrus M. Khambata.







October 1922 : continued....


On the 8th Octoberwith Baba's permission, Vajifday rented a bungalow* in the Bombay suburb of Juhu for a picnic. Once they arrived they played a field game, followed by rest and then sweets.



* The bungalow belonged to Narotam Moraji and was situated on the seashore, 2 miles west of Ville-Parle in Bombay.


Because he was feeling very weak, Baba and 3 others returned to Dadar by taxi, while the rest returned by train arriving after 7pm.




8th October 1922 Historic Timeline : Miss Lillian Gatlin arrived in an airplane at 5:45 in the evening at Curtiss Field near Mineola, New York, becoming the first woman to cross the continental United States in an airplane, albeit as a passenger.



1922 : Bombay, India. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
1922 : Bombay, India. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.



8.                        VISIT TO SAKORI


October 1922 : continued....



Later, on the 14th October, Baba left for Sakori with Sadashiv Patel at 10pm, arriving in the morning of the 15th. On the same day, Daulat S. Irani arrived with her 2 daughters - Mehera and Freiny. Baba walked past them swiftly, giving Mehera her first close-up look at Baba.

Later, Baba and Upasni discussed plans for his men mandali to come to Sakori for 2 days during the upcoming 'Diwali' - the festival of lights.


After staying for 18 hours, Baba and Sadashiv left for Ahmednager on the 16th October, in a waiting horse tonga ( to Chitali Railway Station). Baba waved to all as they left. This was the last time Baba would set foot in Sakori during Upasni's lifetime, but he would not see Upasni again for 19 years, until Oct. 1941.


Lord Meher  V2  p.443-8


14th October 1922 Historic Timeline : The government of Greece acceded to the terms of the Armistice of Mudanya, ceding Greece's territories east of the Maritsa River to Turkey, including Adrianople, Dardanella, Sarànta Ekklisiès and Rhaedestos.


A group of terrorists of the U.S. Ku Klux Klan kidnapped Theodore Schierlman, the mayor of the small town of Liberty, Kansas from his office after he had publicly denounced the Klan, took him four miles out of town and beat him with a whip 30 times before warning him of a worse fate if he spoke out again.


15th October 1922 Historic Timeline : Ferdinand I was formally crowned King of Romania and his wife Marie was crowned as his Queen consort.


New York City inaugurated direct dial phone service for the first time.




       DAULAT S. IRANI                              MEHERA J.  IRANI                    FREINY J.  IRANI

1922 October visit - Bomabay to Sakori, then to Ahmednagar - Poona - Bombay. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
1922 October visit - Bomabay to Sakori, then to Ahmednagar - Poona - Bombay. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.


October 1922 : continued....


Meher Baba returned from Sakori to the Manzil-e-Meem on the 17th October at 8:30am.

The following day, a written paper was passed around the residents of the Manzil which gave undertakings by all not to leave until the 23rd Apil, the following year 1923.

All agreed to sign the document, except Asar, who was asked by Baba to leave immediately.


Ramjoo's Diaries  p.115



Some the men had been negotiating to buy a flour mill at Parel near Dadar Station, which was to provide extra employment for some of the idle men at the Manzil.


A large group of the men were instructed by Baba to board the Delhi Express train without Baba, Khak & Ghani, for Sakori via Manmad at night, arriving at Sakori the following morning. Although Upasni was welcoming and gave food and discourses to the men about them staying Meher Baba; the men were uncomfortale and uneasy. They stayed 2 days in Sakori.

Under Baba's instructions, they all left early on the 23rd October, for Poona to receive Babajan's blessing. They arrived back at the Manzil in Bombay at 1pm.


Ramjoo's Diaries  p.116-7

Lord Meher  V2  p.452


17th October 1922 Historic Timeline : U.S. Navy Lieutenant Virgil C. Griffin became the first pilot to make a takeoff from an American aircraft carrier, departing from the carrier USS Langley in a VE-7 "Bluebird" biplane and landing at an airfield.


The U.S. Army's largest airship, the dirigible C-2, exploded and was destroyed by fire as it was preparing for takeoff at Brooks Field near San Antonio, Texas.


23rd October 1922 Historic Timeline : Bonar Law was unanimously elected leader of the Conservative Party and then went to Buckingham Palace where he accepted the invitation of George V to take over as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


The census of Palestine, which contained the modern State of Israel was carried out by Britain and reported a count of 757,182 people, of which nearly 591,000 were Muslims and a little more than 73,000 were Jewish.









October 1922 : continued....


 On the 28th October, Baba and the men went to Victoria Gardens in Bombay, with Vajifdar  managing to get access to special facilities from a superintendent friend. Once there, they had food and then exployed the gardens* with it's water canal, flowers and caged animals.

Baba went into fasting prior to the following days event.


Ramjoo's Diaries  p.118

* This was the second visit to these gardens by Meher Baba




On the following Sunday, 29th October, Baba decided to give alms to the poor. He sent Ramjoo & Ghani to Bhendi Bazaar to buy 100 cotton shirts to be distributed to the poor. The other men at the Manzil, were to bring 1000 lepers, blind, and destitute to the Manzil. All they could muster was 100 genuine people. The men went many miles throughout Bombay.


Finally, 200 were served with food, some were bathed, others given clothes and all of them were garlanded.



Lord Meher  V2  p.452


28th October 1922 Historic Timeline : King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy refused to grant the still-acting Prime Minister Luigi Facta's request to declare martial law.


The first nationally broadcast football game was transmitted by KYW in Chicago and WEAF in New York City as the Princeton University Tigers and the University of Chicago Maroons. Princeton came back to win, 21 to 18.


29th October 1922 Historic Timeline : Benito Mussolini departed Milan for Rome on an overnight train upon receiving word that he would be asked to form a new government.


Elections were held in Switzerland.


The Greek Army completed its withdrawal from Eastern Thrace.




October 1922 : continued....


The flour mill on Elphingstone Road, near Dadar railway bridge, was purchased by Rustom, Behramji and Asthma. The surrounding area was very unhygenic and unpleasant with awful smells, and the mill was in a very bad shape. Faredoon ( Padri ), Abdul Rehman, Ramjoo and Slamson began working there.

At the end of of each month, due to the continual breakdown of the machinery, the mill showed a loss than a profit. Soon after, the mill was closed down.







Malang gad ( fort ). Image enhanced by Anthony Zois.
Malang gad ( fort ). Image enhanced by Anthony Zois.


On the 30th October, Baba, with some of the men, left for Kalyan by train early in the morning, to visit the tomb of the Muslim saint Malang Shah*which was located 14 miles away on a hilltop.



* Haji  Malang Shah was a 12th Century Arabian saint who travelled to India.


When they reached Kalyan, they hired 2 cars to drive to the tomb at Malang Fort on top of the mountain. Because of the recent rains the road was suitable to be driven for only part of the way. The rest was to be by foot. After having travelled a total of 9 miles, they discovered they had been travelling in the wrong direction. Baba paid homage to the saint and then asked the men to do so by bowing and said "he'll visit the actual tomb in the future".

They all returned to the Manzil in Bombay at 5:30pm.


Baba remarked they had received wrong instructions prior to the trip. Baba remarked, " Next time, we would take care to write Malangarh !"


Ramjoo's Diaries  p.121


30th October 1922 Historic Timeline : Benito Mussolini arrived in Rome at 10:50 a.m., spoke with King Victor Emmanuel for an hour and then went to a hotel where he made a speech from the balcony the crowds below.





November 1922 :


By November, Upasni Maharaj's biography was in the final stages of being published. Posters, leaflets, etc were also ready. A publishing company was formed "Circle & Company".

On the 3rd November, posters of Upasni's image was plastered in the area around the Muslim mosque - Jumma Masjid by many of Baba's men. They were also plastered in the area near Zakaria Masjid in the Kacchi Mohalla area, which was also a heavy Muslim presence.

Advertisements were also distributed at the 'Phool Gally' ( Flower Lane ) in Dadar.

1,000 copies of the book "Protector of the Poor" arrived on the 15th November and selling of the book became the main activity for the following several months.


Lord Meher  V2  p.455


15th November 1922 Historic Timeline : The United Kingdom general election was held for the House of Commons.The Conservatives retained a majority.


More than 300 protesters were shot and killed while participating in a general strike in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador.



1922 - Bombay : Meher Baba and a dholak drum relaxing with Gustadji. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.
1922 - Bombay : Meher Baba and a dholak drum relaxing with Gustadji. Image rendered by Anthony Zois.



December 1922 :



On 24th December, Meher Baba told all the men they needed to sell all the copies of the book and the lottery ticket for a car by the 31st December, otherwise the Manzil-e-Meem would have to close. He then started a fast on 28th December, and left the message, "all previous orders are hereby cancelled". It was signed ‘Merwan'.


This was then followed by another sheet with 28 new orders for all to follow.


Lord Meher  V2  p.461


24th December 1922 Historic Timeline : Ava Gardner, American film actress; in Smithfield, North Carolina (d. 1990)


28th December 1922 Historic Timeline : Stan Lee, comic book creator and president of Marvel Comics; as Stanley Martin Lieber, in New York City (d. 2018)

Ramapada Chowdhury, Indian Bengali language novelist and screenwriter; in Kharagpur (d. 2018)


31st December 1922 Historic Timeline : The All India Kshatriya Society, chaired by Raja Nahar Singh, approved a policy for a "ritual purification" for Muslim Rajputs to convert from Islam to Hinduism. The policy applied to persons whose ancestors had been Hindus forcibly converted to Islam.


Meher Baba and his men mandali continued to live in the Manzil-e-Meem for several more months. This will be covered in the next chapter ( 5 ) and the many other aspects of Baba's Advent during the following years.



1991 : Manzil-e-Meem, Bombay / Mumbai, India. Photo taken by Homyar J. Mistry. Courtesy of Cyrus M. Khambata.
1991 : Manzil-e-Meem, Bombay / Mumbai, India. Photo taken by Homyar J. Mistry. Courtesy of Cyrus M. Khambata.

The story of Meher Baba continues in the next chapter  ( 5 ) / page.

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2012 : Manzil-e-Meem upper floor. Courtesy of Cyrus Khambatta.
2012 : Manzil-e-Meem upper floor. Courtesy of Cyrus Khambatta.





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Baba in Bombay 1922 ; Photo supplied by Panday
Baba in Bombay 1922 ; Photo supplied by Panday





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