Dina Talati  nee  Karani


Born : 1906

Died :

Married: Navaroji ( Naval ) Talati - 1924

Children : ( son ) Khurshed

and daughters  - Jeroo ( oldest ) - married ;  Rustom Mody they have a son Merwan.

                            Perviz - married Shridhar Kelkar ; they have a son Merwan & daughter Manije

Parents : Hormusji Karani ( father ) & Rupamai ( mother )

Siblings : Aloo ( sister ) b. 13th Sept. 1908  d. 21st Jan. 1994

                - was married to Edulji Randelia 13th April 1896  d. 9th Feb. 1977

                Dina had 2 brothers Dinsi & Babaji. Both married, neither had children.

                They were both Premashram young children.



KHURSHED TALATI ( her son ) aged 27 died in 1958 in London of a heart-attack saying Baba's name. Baba told his mother, Dina Talati,

'Be happy. Khurshed is not dead. He lives in me.'

FL p32

Baba said in 1958 that his aunt had taken his name when she died: 'My name was on her lips when she dropped her body.'

GM p337

Dina's daughter -  Perviz married Shridhar Kelkar  in November 1966 ( the current Chairman of the AMBPCT. They lived in Bombay.

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