Gulabdas ( sitting ) with Shridhar Kelkar
Gulabdas ( sitting ) with Shridhar Kelkar


Born : 1926

Died :  2002

Married : Kammu Baba



Narrated by Shrimati Nirmala Panchal

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We may never understand what Baba meant by doing real work. When we do see some assigned lovers doing the task, we get a glimpse of what Meher Baba could have meant by Real Work. Meher Baba's Real Work never ceases. A book named “Unlocking secrets of Meher Baba’s Ringleader” relates to Gulabdas Nathibhai Panchal who Baba called his Ringleader and Real Worker. This is what Meher Baba meant when He spoke about the real worker.

Nirmala Panchal narrates about Babajaan and Kammu Baba 

My sister Jaywanti was a disciple of Kammu Baba, a Gujarati Kutchi Memon (he features in some Baba stories later). Jaywanti’s father-in-law Thribhuvandas was friendly to Kammu Baba. This saint spent his younger years as a night watchman for Sai Baba. Kammu Baba’s wife Sakina Banu was a disciple of Babajaan from childhood. She was a Maratha-Muslim from Poona. When she was orphaned, she considered Babajaan as her father and mother. When Babajaan asked her who she wished to marry and what she wanted – amiri or fakiri (riches or rags), she instantly replied - fakiri. Babajaan said she would marry her to a fakir (a poor man). Babajaan arranged her marriage to Kammu Baba. The couple had a son but he died young. She returned to Babajaan depressed with this loss. The old woman said, “If he were alive only he would call you mother. But now the whole world will call you Mother.” 

Kammu Baba had His base in the distant suburb of Goregoan in Bombay. It was a stone’s throw from my sister’s husband’s home. Her husband Bhogilal often visited him after his duty and stayed with the saint till about 2 am. Like Sai Baba, Kammu Baba also spent a lot of time in His ablutions. Bhogilal often accompanied him when he went to the toilet. Kammu Baba used to say, “Chal, sona rupaiya… nikalne, ke liye”. One day when he had accompanied the saint for ablutions, he was asked to wait outside the toilet while he urinated. When he had waited over 15 minutes, he asked Kammu Baba to come out. But the saint asked him to wait on. Eventually when he did appear he said, “It was raining very heavily on Sukra (Planet Venus). If that water comes on earth, there will be large-scale floods. I tried to avert it by urinating."

We need to collect about US $ 2000 so that in 2018 amartithi we can donate 800 of these books dedicated to Real Workers like the volunteers who come on the 27th Jan and stay till 2nd Feb. Th target is to get the money by 30th September so that the book can be printed in time to be given to Jal Dastoor in the Trust Office in Meherabad. 

thanks to Nivedita Nagpal <3

 — with meherson panchal.