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Sat Chit Ananda 44 years - 1978
Sat Chit Ananda 44 years - 1978
Untitled mixed media artwork by Brecon 1977
Untitled mixed media artwork by Brecon 1977

Photographs taken by Brecon Walsh

Videos produced by Brecon Walsh

Here are the two Baba video links for Brecon's Meher Baba DVD -"Who Came First" films from 1937-1968

- the segments are posted on You Tube

Avatar Meher Baba-Who Came First DVD- Pt, 3  

Avatar Meher Baba-Who Came First DVD- Pt.4




Chronology and soundtrack listing films of Avatar Meher Baba from 1937–1968

DVD and soundtrack compilation by Brecon Walsh


1. Amazing Journey–The Who from their Tommy Rock Opera, 1969.

2. Baba O’ Riley – The Who from their 1971 Who’s Next LP.

3. Pure and Easy –from Pete Townshend’s 2nd solo album, Who Came First, 1972.

4. Forever’s No Time At All – as above.

5. Let’s See Action- as above.

6. Time is Passing- as above.

7. There’s A Heartache Following Me - as above.

8. Drowned- PeteTownshend at The Secret Policeman’s Ball LP, 1979.

9. Without Your Love-Pete Townshend from his 4th solo album, With Love, 1976.

10. His Hands – as above.

11. Meher –written by Paul Wyld featuring Rob MacKenzie on guitar with Pete Townshend singing, from the aforementioned album, With Love, 1976.

12. Zarathus- Robbie Basho, title track from his Venus in Cancer, album, 1974.

13. Khoda E Gul E Abe -Robbie Basho, as above.

14. Falconer’s Arm –Robbie Basho’s title track from his first and seminal album, Takoma Records,1967, now deleted.

15. The Choice Wife –Richard Thompson and Linda Thompson’s from their First Light album,1978.

16. The Streets of Paradise - Richard and Linda Thompson from their Pour Down like Silver album,1975.

17. A Heart Needs A Home –Richard and Linda Thompson from their Hokey Pokey album, 1974.

18.  Love is The Seventh Wave- Sting from his 1985 album, Dream of The Blue Turtles.

19. 1 X 12 - Ralph Towner from his Trios/Solos album, 1973.

20. Suite 3 X 12 (3rdMovement) – Ralph Towner- as above.

21. Lotus Feet- The Mahavishnu Orchestra, 1976.

22. Ba Benzele-Jon Hassell & Brian Eno from Fourth World Vol.1: Possible Musics.

23. The Awakener-theoriginal optical soundtrack for this Government of India Film Unit production.

24. Wonderwall- George Harrison with Ashish Kahn (sarod), Mahapurush Misra (tabla & pakavaj.)Sharad & Hanuman Jadev, (shanai’s among other numerous instrumentation fromBombay).

25. Holy Word - I’m Talking from their debut Bear Witness album, 1986.

26. Stay With Me - asabove (i.e. the divinity of disco).

27. O Parvardigar-Pete Townshend, being Avatar Meher Baba’s Universal Prayer, C/- Eel Pie Studios, Twickenham, London, the early 1980’s.



The original telecine transfer from 16mm & one super 8mm (with sound) to video was achieved by aerial image transfer to VHS video tape with my selected soundtrack, Good Friday  1986 in Melbourne at Cineclair Studios, Glen Iris, Victoria. The DVD was burnt from this master tape by Film Plus Studios, St. Kilda, January 2004.



These original home movies including the other two professionally produced titles, (Peter Townshend’s& Meher Baba Oceanic’s O Parvardigar and The Awakener both with sound) were given to me by Avatar Meher Baba lover, Ena lemon of Kalista,Melbourne Victoria, Australia. The originals were duly returned to her in 1986 with multiple copies of the video sold to Baba centres in Australia, India and America. I believe that this transfer was the first video compilation of Avatar Meher Baba films ever achieved at that point in history. The initial DVD stabilises the platform as an archive for future viewing and reformatting.


Matt Finish-Live in '83 at The Seaview Ballroom, St.Kilda, Melbourne- "Tai Ming Money"

Company Caine -Go See The Gypsy-'71

Ariel  - LIVE 75 @ THE STATION HOTEL - "LaughingMan"




Daddy Cool Mama Don't You Tear My Clothes Live'72 MM Ballroom


The Day Superman Got Busted- by Company.Caine-1971

Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist-2068 Babe-(Boho Mix)

Dylan The Iindie Fake- by Dave Graney & The Lurid Mist- '09

Bohemian Grove Asphyxiation Mix by Tch Tch Tch 1980