Kenneth Lux   Ph.D.

2013 ; Myrtle Beach Center - photo taken by Anthony Zois
2013 ; Myrtle Beach Center - photo taken by Anthony Zois

Born : 20th June, 1939

Died : 24th November, 2016 - Myrtle Beach, Sth.Carolina

Married :

Child : Eliah

Sibling : Peter


Ken lived Albany, New York State &  Maine. He moved to Myrtle Beach in early 2010.

Ken went to India in June 1969 for the Last Darshan.




Dr. Kenneth Lux, CP,PHD, was the Clinical Psychologist Specialist in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He attended and graduated with honors from medical school in 1967, having over 49 years of diverse experiences, especially in Clinical Psychologist.


Image courtesy of Nan Wicker
Image courtesy of Nan Wicker



There will be a memorial service in Myrtle beach December 11th for Ken Lux 3:00 PM at the AMB Circle of Friends location in the Mall across from the Meher Center in Myrtle Beach. Bring potluck snacks savory or sweet , photos , stories, memories of Ken. Please spread the word to others especially 69 darshaners and others who may not be on Facebook but would like to be there or send a note. Thanks. Ken’s son Eliah, his brother Peter and as many old friends as can gather will be here to celebrate Ken and his life and give him a good send off.

Cards send them to or Jeff Wolverton c/- Meher Center 10200 Highway 17 N, Myrtle Beach, Sc 29582.

Kenneth Lux first heard of Meher Baba in 1967. He was finishing his doctorate in psychology at Indiana University and was an assistant professor at the South Bend campus. A friend wrote to him saying, "Have you ever heard of Meher Baba, he's too much for me."

Lux had no idea what his friend was referring to, and only the slightest curiosity about what was meant, but some months later, wandering through the stacks at the Notre Dame library, his eyes caught a book title-"God Speaks" by Meher Baba. This certainly had to be one of the strangest titles for a book, he thought. God speaks? God? What was this-monumental ego? He opened the book and the frontispiece was a photograph of Meher Baba. He was smiling, fifty or so, with a mustache, looking like an Italian organ grinder or a pizza chef, and sitting on a tiger skin. The photograph seemed as odd to him as the title.

In a world growing increasingly desperate for hope, Lux presented Avatar Meher Baba as the divinely ordained answer to that desperation and the one that the world has been waiting for-whether consciously or unconsciously.



Ken's brother Peter reflects on Ken :


To say Ken walked to the beat of his own drum would be an understatement.  His interests ranged from music to politics with a dash of sports thrown in.
He had a phd. in psychology from Indiana University and practiced psychotherapy for over forty years.
A published writer, he authered books both on economics,  and  philosophy.   His book, "Adams Smith's  Mistake" , was a breakthrough look at humanist economics.

He loved music,  especially Jazz, and Opera, he raised pigeons  and in his younger years was a devote of  horse racing, and the New York Football Giants.

He was married three times,  all of which ended in divorce. He said,  " he was a  great date, but a lousy husband."
He was very interested in politics,  and leaned far left...  unique, opinionated , generous a good friend a one of a kind brother.

Ken Lux far left with Bhau Kalchuri at the  NE Gathering in 1989
Ken Lux far left with Bhau Kalchuri at the NE Gathering in 1989

Daniel & Carolyn Montague reminisce about their time with Ken in Maine.

Reminisces of Ken Lux.docx
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Image courtesy of Nan Wicker
Image courtesy of Nan Wicker
Image courtesy of Nan Wicker
Image courtesy of Nan Wicker



Meher Baba - Avatar of the Tortoise




Published by : 7 Coins Press


193 pages

Front cover
Front cover

Has Meher Baba told us when he will break his silence ?


Self Published

49 pages


The Mystery of the Manifestation


1st Printing :

2nd Printing : 2010


Published by Sheriah Press


The Journal for Psychological & Spiritual Integration


Other contributing authors : W.Barrett & Degreef


Fall 1989

Volume 3, No. 2


Published by : JPSI


89 pages


The Journal for Psychological & Spiritual Integration


Other contributing author : W.Barrett

Spring  1990

Volume 4, No. 1


Published by : JPSI


69 pages

The Journal for Psychological & Spiritual Integration


Other contributing authors : J. Agin & P. Nims

Spring  1995

Volume 8, No. 1

Published by : JPSI

56 pages

Speaking the Unspeakable


Published by : Sheriar Press

24 p.



The Secret of the Manifestation




Self Published

16 p.




Adam Smith, with his book "The Wealth of Nations", in the late 18th century was one of the founders of economics as a discipline. His central theory concentrates on the value he places on self interest, arguing that it is not from the "benevolence" of others that we receive what we need but out of their regard for their own self interest. When each person pursues his or her own self-interest, society as a whole is led to a condition of benefit for all. The pure experiments in this approach, laissez-faire economics, was seen to fail in the industrial misery of Charles Dickens' England and in the United States in the financial scandals of the trusts and cartels and the economic booms and busts that eventually led to the Great Depression. Could Adam Smith have made a mistake, a mistake that still colours the core of modern life? This book argues that he did. Dr Lux argues that self-interest does not lead to a good society, but instead to social strife, ecological damage and abuse of power. Another principle must exist to moderate self-interest and it is one that goes by many names. Dr Lux argues that we have been mislead by economics into calling selfishness and greed a good thing. Instead this book argues that good only comes out of good. With the adequate recognition of this mistake we, as a society, will be able to move forward into a time where selfishness can no longer hide under a protective cover of economic justification.

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Shambhala; 1st edition (October 31, 1990)