Stephen  Sakellarios




Stephen Sakellarios began studying Eastern mysticism--and with it, reincarnation--in 1973 when he was 19. He first began studying the Western research and therapies dealing with reincarnation when he started work on his independent film, "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America," in 1997. In 1998 he launched the supporting website for that project, which has evolved into one of the most extensive reincarnation sites in the world.

Having studied hundreds of reincarnation cases, some of which had very strong elements of proof, Stephen decided to see whether he could prove one of his own past lives. The research took him several years, and in the process he re-established connection with his first wife from that earlier life, Abby Poyen Whittier, who was still in the astral realm. The research results themselves are thus presented in his first book, "Matthew Franklin Whittier in his own words" (in his own words, because Stephen is Matthew's reincarnation), while the story of finding Matthew's first wife, Abby, is told separately in "Loving Abby in Truth and Spirit."


Books written by Stephen Sakellarios


Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words -   Kindle Edition