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AMB Heartland cover -April 2024
AMB Heartland cover -April 2024


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We hope you’re enjoying this lovely spring and Baba’s beauty and bounty all around!
The 72nd Anniversary of Meher Baba’s 1952 accident in Prague, Oklahoma is coming up soon. And we’re delighted Baba’s Heartland Center will again be presenting a virtual Sahavas to honor this sacred event. The program will be streamed via Baba Zoom on May 24, 2024 from 7:00 to 8:55 pm (EDT). 
The Heartland Center will also host the 10th International Japa (continuous repetition of Baba’s name) on the morning of May 24th from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. And for those who are lucky enough to visit the Heartland Center on the anniversary, there will be an intimate, in-person Sahavas.
* * *
The Virtual Sahavas Program
We are so pleased that Peter Booth will be our virtual guest speaker and Jacob Horsey our featured musical guest. Alisa Genovese will serve as our moderator. We will also have an update on the Heartland Memorial Initiative’s efforts to preserve the sacred sites associated with Meher Baba’s accident. And a special guest interview!
Peter Booth is a Persian scholar and author who spent more than 30 years living in Meherabad. He is the co-author of “Dante/Hafiz: Readings on the Sigh, the Gaze and Beauty.” Some of his translations of Hafiz’s poems are also published in “The Illuminated Hafiz: Love Poems for the Journey to Light.” He will share his thoughts about Meher Baba’s accident and the significance of the spilling of His blood on American soil. 
Australian musician Jacob Horsey grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland unaware he lived just ten minutes from Avatar’s Abode. One of his guitar teachers was the late Australian Baba lover and musician, Sam Saunders, who put many of Francis Brabazon’s ghazals to music. That was before Jacob had even heard of Meher Baba! As a young adult, after a spiritual quest, he became devoted to Meher Baba and has been active at Avatar’s Abode ever since. Sheriar Books says his “lilting and soulful lyrics…. shoot straight to the heart.” Jacob currently lives in Perth, Western Australia with his wife Liz, and their two children, Tajuddin and Tallulah. 
Jacob Horsey sings Golden Sea
There will also be an interview with the late Nancy Nordeen, who as a young woman drove through Prague in 1952 just months after Meher Baba’s accident and again in 1953. She found herself deeply moved by the place only later realizing its significance. She went on to have eleven children all of whom are active and heartfelt Baba lovers. Several of them were also instrumental in the founding of the Heartland Center.
* * *
In-Person Sahavas in Prague 
“The meaning of sahavas is physical proximity, to meet one another, mingling together like members of the same family.” - Meher Baba 
Visitors to the Heartland Center will enjoy an intimate family-like Sahavas. It will focus on sharing the experience of visiting Prague’s most sacred sites on the anniversary of Meher Baba’s long-foretold “personal disaster.”  
It will include visits to the Prague Regional Memorial Hospital where Baba and the mandali were so lovingly treated. We will also gather at the accident site at the approximate time of the collision for prayers and silence.
If you’d like to join this small gathering please contact our full-time caretaker Jane Montgomery directly at 919-619-1624.
* * *
10th International Japa 
Go on repeating, 'Baba, Baba, Baba!' 
One day the veil will be torn asunder.” 
- Meher Baba
In remembrance of Meher Baba’s automobile accident on May 24, 1952, His lovers all over the globe are invited to participate in a 7-hour japa – continuous repetition of His name. The time encompasses the period from which Meher Baba left the Pond Crest Motor Court where the party had spent the night, then had the accident, and arrived at the hospital for treatment. 
Simply choose an hour or half-hour (or any time period) between 5:00 am and 12 noon in your local time zone on May 24th to focus on Beloved Baba by saying His name continuously. Others will also be repeating His name before and after your time, so that for 7 hours on the anniversary of that momentous day, Beloved Baba’s name will resound around the world.
* * *
If you wish to participate in the Heartland Center’s Virtual Program and/or the International Japa please click on the button below. We will send a link and password a day in advance of the program. For more detailed information about the International Japa, please email us directly at contact@ambheartlandcenter.org.
If you’d like to join our intimate gathering in person at the Heartland Center, please contact Jane Montgomery at 919-619-1624 as soon as possible.
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