Obituary for Ed Van Buskirk, written by Harold Jamison
Thomas Edwin 'Ed' Van Buskirk was born on May 26, 1944, in San Francisco, California. Ed passed away on February 18, 2024, due to complications from surgery for an aortic aneurism.
Ed's family moved to Berkeley, California, where he spent his childhood and formative years. He graduated from Berkeley High School in 1962. For several years, he attended the University of the Americas in Mexico. After returning from University of the Americas, Ed had several interesting jobs including shipping out with the Merchant Marines.
He eventually became interested in wholesome and organic foods and with a friend opened the Arbor Café, on University Avenue in Berkeley. The Arbor Café served macrobiotic food but more importantly it was a haven for many hippies that were coming to Berkeley at that time. In addition to the food, photos of Meher Baba were prominently displayed. Both the soul and the body were being served.
In 1971, he left for Davenport, Iowa. where he attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic. Ed returned to California and opened his office in Montclair in 1976. He had found his purpose in life and practiced chiropractic for forty-eight years, all the time remaining true to Meher Baba's dictates to lead a practical and honest life.
In 1977, Ed married Ursula Reinhart. They had one child Eric Van Buskirk who Ed and Ursula were devoted to. Although Ed and Ursula divorced, they remained true and fast friends and wonderful parents to Eric. Ed had one brother, Jerry (m. Deanna) both passed away. Their children are Rod (d. Kathleen), Kevin (April), Jeff (Kate), Mark (Catherine) and Lisa Stokoe (m. Troy Stokoe). His sister Joyce (m. Sam Cauffield). They predeceased Ed. Their children are Charlie, Margaret Christman, and Kathy (deceased).
Ed, known as Duker Beaker, and also known as Fast Eddie at Hanks pool hall where he was known to hang out during high school, had an endearing quality of always seeing the humor in even the toughest of times and situations. His friends still reminisce of his many episodes and escapades that kept them in stitches. In addition to his many friends who miss him, his patients feel adrift because of his wonderful ability and skill in treating them with chiropractic. Ed was greatly loved by his son, Eric, many friends, family, and patients.


2011 - Ed & Ursula with Baba's 1947 Chevrolet car
2011 - Ed & Ursula with Baba's 1947 Chevrolet car