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4.   Meher Baba walk from Poona to near Bombay



After Baba returned to Poona, he entered the hut for the last time at 10:30pm Sunday night May 21st. 1922,  All the men went into the hut and bowed down to Gustadji photo, after which it was taken down and the hut dismantled.


Meher Baba then led the men to Sadashiv's home where each man's bedding roll and kit were placed in a bullock cart. So at 2am - May 22nd, they all departed Kasba Peth in Poona by foot, first to see Babajan. Baba stood away from her but the others seeked her blessings.


Meher Baba led the 45 men to Bombay ( 22 Hindus, 12 Muslims & 11 Zoroastrians ). They walked in rows of 4 abreast and all were kept in line. After 4 hours they arrived at Chinchwad village. They stayed in a bungalow opposite the train station. After a short rest they proceeded, the older ones were sent ahead by train.


Lord Meher  V2  p.374



21st May 1922 Historic Timeline : Three English mountaineers on the British expedition to Mount Everest came within 2,239 feet (682 m) of the summit of the 29,032.7 feet (8,849.2 m) high mountain, the tallest on Earth. George Mallory and Major Edward F. Norton, accompanied by the expedition's physician, Dr. Howard Somervell.


22nd May 1922 Historic Timeline : A member of parliament for Northern Ireland, was shot and killed by the Irish Republican Army while walking to work in Belfast. The government of Northern Ireland, led by Sir James Craig, issued a declaration outlawing the Irish Republican Army & other groups the following day.

An attempt by rebels to overthrow the government of Nicaragua failed after an intervention by U.S. Marines occupying the Central American nation.


1922 Map : 1st part of the road journey, Poona to Talegaon. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
1922 Map : 1st part of the road journey, Poona to Talegaon. Map graphics by Anthony Zois.
Graphics & images rendering by Anthony Zois.
Graphics & images rendering by Anthony Zois.
List of the men who walked with Meher Baba from Poona to Bombay. The names of the missing will be added when they become available.
List of the men who walked with Meher Baba from Poona to Bombay. The names of the missing will be added when they become available.


22nd May 1922Sunday - continued....


By 2pm they reached Khind village, with Meher Baba, Sarosh and Ramjoo leading the way to Talegaon village, where they rested under the trees. Ghani was very sick. Baba gave him some quinine. They rested overnight.



23rd May 1922 : Monday


Without any breakfast they resumed at 5am, they continued walking for 4 hours, arriving at Kamshet village at 9am.

Here they rested for the day under the shade of a small grove and had something to eat. They rested for the day, this was to avoid the heat of the daytime. Again, staying overnight to avoid the heat of the day.



24th May 1922 : Tuesday


They set-off  at 5am from Kamshet, Baba had twisted his ankle badly, it became swollen and inflamed, despite that, Baba still kept up the pace when they resumed.  3 hours later, they arrived in Lonavla at 8am. Tea was consumed and after a short rest and refreshed, they reached Khandala in an hour during the day. They stayed the night.



25th May 1922 : Wednesday


Meals were prepared at a reserved area. They set-off again at 7am. At 8am, they had reached the top of Bhor Ghat of the Khandala Mountains. Baba had purchased soft canvas shoes for the men, due to the state of their ailing feet.



26th May 1922 :Thursday


At 5pm they arrived at Khopoli village, soon they ascended Bhor Ghat mountains.

Lord Meher  V2  p.376


At 9pm they proceeded towards Chowk ( Chauk ) village, walking the 20 miles, arriving at 2am. They rested by the side of the road.

Lord Meher  V2  p.377



27th May 1922 : Friday


 At 4pm, they set-off for Panvel, arriving at 9pm, resting in a dharmshala ( resting house ). Faredoon ( Padri ) was stung by a scorpion on his back, after he awoke from resting. Padri was treated, but suffered greatly that night.


Meher Baba announced " Now that we have reached Panvel, where the sea meets the land, our pilgrimage on foot is over. We have reached the limit of our journey by foot. We will now proceed to Bombay in a truck ".


Lord Meher  V2  p.379, also Ramjoo's Diaries p. 47-50



23rd May 1922 Historic Timeline :  Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Soviet Union's Communist Party and premier of the USSR, suffered the first of three strokes, and was rendered paralyzed on his left side and unable to speak.


24th May 1922 Historic Timeline : Pope Pius XI opened the 26th International Eucharistic Congress in Rome with 30,000 people taking part in the opening ceremony.


25th May 1922 Historic Timeline : A general strike was called in Rome in protest against the disorders in San Lorenzo. Thousands of pilgrims attending the Eucharistic Congress had to walk to St. Peter's Basilica to hear the Mass because all public transportation was shut down.


26th May 1922 Historic Timeline : The Narcotic Drugs Import and Export Act, commonly called the Jones-Miller Act, was signed into law by U.S. President Warren G. Harding and created the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, predecessor to the Drug Enforcement Administration.


27th May 1922 Historic Timeline : A civil war broke out in Paraguay The war would continue for almost 14 months.

A parade of 25,000 Ukrainian Americans took place in New York City to protest the Polish military occupation of East Galicia The group then held a mass meeting in Madison Square Garden.