( Tajuddin Baba )

Courtesy of Lord Meher - Vol.One
Courtesy of Lord Meher - Vol.One

Born : 21st January 1861 - Kamthi, India

Died :  17th August 1925 ( dropped body ) - Nagpur, India


*** Note : Many regard Tajuddin's birthdate as the 27th January 1861.

Image rendered by Anthony Zois.
Image rendered by Anthony Zois.
Tajdham Pagal Khanna Darbar, Nagpur
Tajdham Pagal Khanna Darbar, Nagpur
Original background
Original background

Hazrat Tajuddin Baba


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Full name :

Hazrat Sayyedna Maulana Mohammad Tajuddin Aulia Rah- Kibla Baba

Born January 21, 1861
Kamthi, India
Died August 17, 1925 ( dropped his body )
Nagpur, India
Era 20th century
Region India
School Sufism

Hazrat Syyedna Mohammed Tajuddin Baba (January 17, 1861 – August 17, 1925) was an Indian Muslim Sufi master considered by his followers to be a sadguru or qutub. He lived in Nagpur, India.




 Early life


Tajuddin was orphaned at a young age and was raised by his maternal grandmother and uncle Abdul Rahman. He attended a Madrasah in Kamthi, near Nagpur, where he met Hazrat Abdulla Shah who initiated him into the spiritual path. Shah gave him a dry fruit to eat, saying, "Eat less, sleep less, and speak less. Read Qur'an." With this contact Tajuddin Baba is said to have lost his material consciousness and began to experience a sense of oneness or "Adwaita."

He openly spoke of spiritual concepts, and he was promptly committed to an insane asylum in Nagpur.


Reputation as a Sage


In the hospital he became widely regarded as a sage and word spread outside of the hospital walls. Eventually people began to come to the hospital for Tajuddin's darshan. In time he was pardoned and the warden asked Tajuddin to come and live with him in his house as his presence had become a sign of local honor. Tajuddin did not stay with the warden long, but eventually moved to Lal Mahal. He was honored by both Muslims and Hindus.


 Present Caliph


Baba Tajuddin's present caliph of the Taji Sufi Order is Hazrat Dr. Syed Mohammed Rafqiue Ahmed Al-Taji. He is known as Second Caliph of Baba Tajuddin Auliah.



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Courtesy of Lord Meher - Vol.One
Courtesy of Lord Meher - Vol.One