Afterward, Baba explained some of Kabir's famous couplets:


One God adorning King Dasarath's house = Body = jivatma = Paramatma as the embodied individual soul.

One God beating in every heart = Mind = Ishwar = Paramatma the Creator.

One God pervading the entire universe = Spirit = Shiva = Paramatma conscious of the Real Self.

One God beyond the three worlds = Self = Paratpar unconscious of Himself in the Beyond, Beyond state.


To know Himself, God became the individual soul; but he thereby became bound by karma or actions. No one escapes from the results of actions. But actions should be done in such a way as to balance ordinary sanskaras by their opposites or "reverse" sanskaras.

Devotion, giving of alms, prayer, bhajan, kirtan, and repetition of God's name create such sanskaras that burn away ordinary sanskaras. But penance, fasts, and yogic practices create still more bondage. A real fast means to starve the mind, not the body.


The meaning of being God-realized is to experience the sound sleep state in the awake state. The best way to create these opposite sanskaras is to surrender to a Perfect Master, to remain in his company, and to fully carry out his behests to the letter.


Touching again on the topic of yoga, Baba explained about the samadhi state of yogis:


Samadhi gained by yogic practices does in a way enable one to travel the Path more easily. For example, you walk [advance] and then rest [as in sound sleep]. This rest gives you energy to proceed further. That's all and nothing more. In short. although the samadhi state allows one to rest, it is not the only essential for advancement. There are better, easier, and quicker means, such as the sahavas of a Master.


7TH JULY 1926

O/L p 689