14th December, 1925


Baba commented on the recent announcement, given in the newspapers, by Dr. Annie Besant, the head of the Theosophical Society, of the coming of a "New World Teacher," similar to Christ, in the form of her young protégé, J. Krishnamurti. 


It is all humbug. The Theosophists, including Mrs. Besant and Krishnamurti, do not have even a whiff of the Truth. They say that the spirit of the World Teacher will manifest itself through the medium of this boy in the world, and that the chief "wire-puller" of this show is supposed to be somewhere in the Himalayas.


There is nothing but dust and stones in those mountains. Real teachers like Buddha, Krishna, Christ, and Zoroaster never kept themselves perched on heights or lost in jungles. They mixed freely with those for whose upliftment they worked. In spite of their unthinkable and unimaginable states of exaltation, they brought themselves down to the lowest levels of their surroundings and students.


Similarly, not a single Spiritual Master of the world who appeared under whatever external label ever required a "vehicle" save his own physical body. If this "vehicle" of the coming "World Teacher" dies within a year, let us see how Mrs. Besant takes it.


Baba concluded by stating, "Really speaking, this false note [Krishnamurti] is also not without meaning. On the contrary, it is the result of my own multifarious working and it is clearing away the path for my own manifestation."


Continuing the theme, the next day, while discussing false mahatmas and saints, Baba pointed out in a warning tone:


Those who pretend to be divine personages or Spiritual Masters and who have an eye on the riches and women of others should be cut to pieces! There is no sin in doing it. On the contrary, by such an act, many devoted, innocent souls would be saved from their clutches.


Lord Meher On-line page 628-9




22nd June, 1926


Baba commented about Theosophy:


A time will come when the world will bow to those on whom my nazar will fall.

They came here [for darshan] and that is good for them. But Krishnamurti, a New World Teacher? God forbid!


Compare Ramakrishna [of Calcutta] with Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti is living in all majesty and splendor, pomp and power, and moving about England in aristocratic, fashionable circles, playing tennis and golf, leading a most comfortable life. He does not have the slightest idea — not even a wisp — of the Real Truth.


Lord Meher On-line page 679

Lord Meher Vol.3 p.816-7


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