20th May, 1926


Later, at 8:30 P.M. on his way up the hill, Baba stopped by Gustadji's "summer quarters."  Baba explained about the spiritual planes and heavens:


The spiritual planes and heavens are quite different. The planes have no colors, but the heavens, or skies, have the following colors: the first sky is blue, the second is yellow, the third is red, the fourth is white, the fifth is black, the sixth is green, and the seventh is colorless. In fact, the seventh plane and the seventh heaven are one and the same.


Yogis, masts, walis and pirs traverse and pass through the skies, but one who is destined to become a Sadguru or Qutub advances through the planes. Their passage through the planes lies in "darkness," meaning that those who travel through the planes have no consciousness of their advancement. Those who pass through the skies do so in "light" and are conscious of their progress, experiencing the wonderful experiences and awesome powers of their progress as they go. But the planes are much higher compared to the skies. Those on particular planes can, if they wish, go into the corresponding skies. For example, a fifth-plane pilgrim [a wali] can enter the fifth sky. But those yogis or masts in the skies cannot go onto the planes.


But you all have nothing to do with this. Just remember that God is the sum total, the essence, of each and everything.



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