16th May, 1926


In the 1920s, Meher Baba never publicly declared himself to be the Avatar, but his Masters, Hazrat Babajan and Upasni Maharaj, did reveal this to their devotees who informed others.


A few weeks later, Baba explained:


Some Masters are known to the public and some are unknown. But that makes no difference in their duties and workings. These go on as usual.


This question of publicity depends generally on the circumstances during the Master's lifetime. Take the instance of, Babajan, Upasni Maharaj and myself. There is a big difference: Babajan has no publicity given to her through books; Maharaj had none until the publication of his biography; while I have had publicity from the very first year of my public appearance at Meherabad.


Every Master has at least one Master. In my case, I had two [principal ones] — one a Mohammedan and the other a Hindu.


Now the reason why I had two gurus. I was born in an Irani [Zoroastrian] family. This taking birth in a certain family and community, etc. is due to previous sanskaras. The sanskaras of a Zoroastrian are equal to those of a Hindu plus those of a Mohammedan. (Maharaj has also said so and we shall see why.)


For instance, a Hindu who believes in the existence of only one God, in spite of so many deva-devis and other higher powers mentioned in Hindu Shastras and scriptures — if he is not Realized in that birth, his next birth will be in a Mohammedan family, as Mohammedans staunchly believe in the existence of one God and His Prophet.


Then again, a Hindu who is fond of eating meat, and argues the doctrines of Hindu scriptures in that connection — Why should meat be prohibited and vegetarian food forced upon Hindus? — and begins to partake of non-vegetarian food and spend time outside his community, he too will collect those sanskaras, which will give him birth in a Mohammedan family in his next life.


Now let us see how the sanskaras of a Zoroastrian are equal to those of a Hindu and a Mohammedan. Zoroastrians believe, respect and pay reverence to fire and the sun, both of which are also considered sacred elements amongst Hindus — hence Hindu sanskaras. But in spite of the Zoroastrian's belief, honor and reverence for the elements of Nature, a Zoroastrian is a staunch believer in the existence of one Ahuramazda as the Creator of all universes — just the same as held by Mohammedans — hence Mohammedan sanskaras. Therefore, a Zoroastrian has the sanskaras of both a Hindu and a Mohammedan.


It means that, at this time, it was necessary that the Master should be manifested in this Zoroastrian form, whose sanskaras are a mixture of Mohammedan and Hindu ones. And to "drive away" both types sanskaras, two Masters were required — one a Hindu and the other a Mohammedan.


Lord Meher On-line page 652-3



20th May, 1926


At Shahane's house the following day, 20 May, Baba further explained to the mandali about the external signs of a Sadguru's internal work:


When a Sadguru's right hand and right foot are active, it signifies spiritual help for the person concerned to aid him in realizing God. Similarly, his left hand and left foot denote material happiness or miracles. For those who have faith in a Sadguru, miracles happen automatically through the medium of maya.


Lord Meher On-line page 658

Lord Meher Vol.3 p.799



21st June, 1926


On one occasion, reflecting on his sense of humor, Baba related:


Ajoba is very old. He has a family and children, and is spending his sanskaras in this life. Suppose in his next birth he reincarnates as a female child. (God forbid!) I see this old man now and I also see him as he will be in his next birth — and that makes me laugh! Am I not justified in being humorous? Everything I see, I see as a dream! But in spite of that, I feel bothered about it all because I have to work for others to make them see it as a dream.

Upasni Maharaj was a woman in his previous birth and he will never take birth again. God-realization is usually obtained while living in human form as with the human form comes authority. But there is a special authority that comes with the male human form. A Perfect Master has a circle of twelve men and two female appendages. Of the fourteen people, all the members of the circle are males, except the two women who play the roles of spiritual mother and sister.


Babajan is a Qutub, one of the five Sadgurus of this age. From the 56 God-realized people, one woman becomes a Perfect Master and another is also perfect [a Jivanmukta or majzoob]. That woman is presently in Tibet. She has a group of disciples, but usually stays in the mountains and very, very few ever see her. The remaining 54 God-realized beings are men. The number of God-realized souls on earth is eternally fixed at 56 and is never altered [except during Avataric ages when God directly descends as a man].



On 22nd June 1926, Baba revealed:


A Sadguru is like an ocean, a limitless stretch of water. Empty your mind of all mayavic desires and the waters of the ocean will find a way in — the waters of Knowledge, Power and Bliss.

The Jivanmuktas, majzoobs and other spiritual beings in the hierarchy are the pipelines for the waters of Realization.

They distribute the ocean's waters to deserving candidates who are prepared and who are being prepared.


Continuing the metaphor of water, Baba stated:


In gaseous form, water evaporates and forms clouds. Now you cannot use this gas or vapor in clouds for railway engines or any other steam-driven conveyance. For that you have to pump water from the ocean, river or some subsidiary; then you fill the tanks of the engine and produce steam to work it.


These clouds of condensed vapor may be compared to majzoobs, the steam being formed and used for work in the world by Sadgurus. And you, the bhaktas [lovers], are the water which must be heated, boiled and transformed into steam. In other words, the essence must be prepared to change its very form. On the other hand, ice and snow are like worldly people who have no inclination toward spirituality — they are so cold!


Two days later - 24th June 1926, while explaining about God-realized majzoobs, Baba disclosed:


Majzoobs are absorbed in their ecstasy and appear insane to the world. They are like a runaway carriage; its horses are galloping off without the driver. The carriage is the majzoob himself; the horses are the faint residual impressions of his mind — gross, subtle, and mental; and the driver is the intellect and ego. The majzoob does not have any sanskaric ego-mind and hence his "carriage" is "driverless."


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