19th December, 1925


On the 19th, hinting about his real state, Baba revealed:


My real form is indescribable! When I speak, a few will experience it internally, from within. At that time, my outward form will resemble the forms of Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Ram, and Zoroaster.

They all looked like me, with the same hair and a similar face.


You do not have the slightest idea of how I suffer in my physical form. Even on an empty stomach, I remain active throughout the day, moving about here and there, besides working on the book for three to four hours at a stretch, which makes my back ache. Yet I have nothing left to achieve for myself. My aim is achieved! My present suffering, fasts, and seclusions are for the benefit of others. The majority of you know this to be true, as you have personally experienced and witnessed it.


Lord Meher On-line page 630

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