19th October, 1923 - Ghatkopar, India. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
19th October, 1923 - Ghatkopar, India. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.




On 22 July 1925, Meher Baba explained about 'divine sight':


Suppose 25,000 people are sitting here and all have the same sight and the same object to look at — a ball. Now take the sight to be God's, which means that the Seer through 25,000 pairs of eyes is one. Put before every pair of eyes different colored glasses, and in front of all these glasses put a ball. The sight out of every eye is one, and the ball that all see is also one. But those with red-colored glasses see the ball as red; those with yellow glasses see it as yellow; those with white glasses see it as white. And in this way, everyone sees a different colored ball.


The sight is one and the ball is one, but to 25,000 people the ball has a variety of colors. This varying experience is because of the different glasses. All these different colors are different minds and the different glasses are different bodies. Through the medium of various colors and glasses, the Seer sees the ball.


Thus there is the Seer [God], the color [mind] and the glasses [bodies]. God is only one. The ball [illusion] is also only one, but God experiences this illusion through all the various minds and in a variety of ways.


You know that all thoughts are different, feelings are different, and experiences of misery and happiness are different. The reason for it is that all have different minds. Although the thoughts, experiences, minds and bodies of all are different, the One having this experience is one as is the ball [illusion] through which the One God experiences Himself in various ways through innumerable bodies and minds. That which He sees is not the color nor the glasses; it is through the colors and glasses that the Seer sees the ball. God, who is experiencing all this, is not the mind, but He sees illusion through the medium of minds and bodies.


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