Zoroaster's birthday was celebrated on 15 August 1926. Baba sometimes explained about the past Avatars to the mandali. On the 16th, he revealed about Prophet Muhammad:

Infidels knocked out the teeth of Prophet Muhammad and he did not let out even a single sigh! As Masters, our ways are quite opposite to the ways of the world. We outwardly harass those who love us, and we do nothing to those who despise us. We nourish our enemies and kill our friends! Muhammad was one of us and his teeth were broken by stones. Look at what happened to Jesus — he was crucified. We crush the eyeballs of our lovers underneath our heels and ignore our foes. We mercilessly tyrannize our lovers and even murder them.



But no one has the right or the daring to ask us why we do it.

[When one is in contact with a Sadguru], yoga is meaningless and totally useless. What is the use of fasting for even 100 years to attain God? What is the use of dying a physical death for God? Just remember my one instruction: Remain bowed — submit to my wish. You have to become like the dust beneath my feet.

Do not desire occult powers; they are obstacles on the Path. Take a spider, for instance. It is all right as long as it remains still, but the moment it starts weaving a web, it gets so entrapped it cannot free itself. The more it tries, the more entangled it becomes in its own web.




16TH AUGUST 1926

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