Late 1920s - Meherabad, India. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.
Late 1920s - Meherabad, India. Image rendition by Anthony Zois.


17th December, 1925


On 17 December, at 11:30 A.M. at their weekly Thursday tea at the Family Quarters, Baba warned the mandali:


Beware of anger! The anger of a Sadguru is beneficial to those connected with him and to others, but an ordinary man hurts himself greatly through anger. Treat all who come for my darshan, no matter what caste or temperament, with due consideration. Don't hurt the feelings of anyone. If someone speaks angrily with you, be humble with him and reply even more politely. If humility does not affect him, if that person persists in disobeying some request, then you should fall at his feet.

In short, whenever you feel anger, try to curb it. I am teaching you true asceticism. Listen to what I say; otherwise, please yourself.


Later the same day, on hypocrisy, Baba stated:


One should either be a crow or a swan, but not a heron, which is white on the outside but black on the inside.

Also, always keep aloof from the riches and women of other men. Expect anything from me except these; otherwise, the ceaseless chain of births and deaths will keep you enslaved continuously!


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