Image rendition by Anthony Zois
Image rendition by Anthony Zois


22nd May, 1926


Baba also explained to the mandali:


For those who have a Sadguru or guru — they have only to surrender to him heart and soul, and to obey and carry out his orders to the letter! That's all for them. Although that, too, is difficult, because such people are generally in a very awkward situation. On the one hand, worldly, material attachments attract them, and on the other, the guru draws them towards himself. Their state is like that of the man who has two wives. Of course, eventually it is the Sadguru who prevails, who pulls them out of the clutches of maya, and who frees them.


In spite of that, the powers of maya are no less formidable. Indeed, her allurements are tremendous and very hard to overcome. Despite all my explanations and warnings, if a beautiful lady happens to come here suddenly and stands at the door, you all will surely gape at her. This is forgivable at present because you are under maya's control. You all have bodies and are attracted by maya ... But I tell you, try your best to get free of the bindings and clutches of maya.


Suppose there is a person without any teeth. If sweet sugar cane is brought to him, what would he do? Although he cannot enjoy the pleasure of chewing and eating the sugar cane, he would at least wish to taste it, and would say with all sincerity in his heart, "Would to God I had teeth!" In just the same way, an old man, though unable to enjoy, would at least be attracted by a beauty standing near him, and would say, "Would to God I were young!"


This, too, is becoming entrapped in the attractions of maya.


And how can one be freed from maya's clutches? Only by the grace of a Sadguru. If one surrenders to and serves the Sadguru with all his heart and soul, the Sadguru will burn up and destroy all one's maya in a moment — in as much time as it takes to light and burn a match. The Sadguru has such great powers! But one must be prepared for and deserving of this grace! Otherwise, you may continue in your rounds of births and deaths for ages, and there would be no whiff or breeze of Truth for you! Not only will the Sadguru destroy all maya in you, but he will free you from these ceaseless rounds of births and deaths and will enable you to see God in an instant, with a tap on the head! What idea have you of the powers of a Sadguru? None at all! Your hands are now tied by the clutches of maya, and these hands must be released.


If one who is tied presents himself before another whose hands are also tied like his own, he would never be freed. But if he presents himself before the One who is already free, the one in bondage would be freed immediately.


A swine lives mostly on narka [refuse]. Even if you throw the best of foodstuffs or something invaluable before it, it would still prefer filth and refuse first. Only after eating these, would it think of partaking of anything else. In other words, it would prefer the best last. Even if you throw pearls before it, it will still say, "Let me eat the refuse first, and then I will see to these pearls." Here, the "pearls" represent the path of Realization. Your human state is like that of the swine, who prefer refuse to pearls. In spite of my showing you the "pearls" of the path of Realization, you are still attracted and drawn toward the narka of maya. For whom are these pearls meant and destined? For the Royal Geese!


You are all advancing in the direct line! Realization shall be given to those who deserve it and to whom it is due to be given! If there is the Guru's grace, this Realization is the work of a moment — a tap on the head — and Ah! Bliss, Eternal Bliss!




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