Howard Inches

Born :

Died : 

Nationality : AMERICAN

Baba saw nine visitors at Harmon on November 14th. Among them was Kitty Davy's younger sister Angela Lambert, who had missed seeing Baba in London. Milo Shattuck, Grace Mann, Howard Inches and Donald Holloway also came to Harmon for a few days.


Lord Meher Volume 4, Page 1476




They were welcomed by a few of Baba's followers who were still there, namely Josephine Grabau, Mary Antin, Milo Shattuck, Anita de Caro, Howard Inches and Grace Mann. Josephine asked Darwin if he would like to write to Baba. He did, pouring out his heart in a letter, offering his life in Baba's service. Darwin immediately mailed it and returned to the retreat for dinner.


Lord Meher Volume 6, Page 1928