2019 : Hasan Selisik in India. Image captured off his video.
2019 : Hasan Selisik in India. Image captured off his video.




Hasan was born in Ankara, Turkey and completed his high school education at Levent Lycée, Istanbul. In 1973 he went to study language at Strasboug, France. He then moved to Marseilles to study artichecture. Shortly afterwards, he met Yvonne Antoni in 1978 who had recently moved from Paris. They started soon the Meher Baba group meetings.

In 1981 he received his graduate degree from Unité Pédagogique d'Architecture de Luminy-Marseilles and returned to Turkey. He worked in various offices in France and Turkey.

In 1985 he won, along with Melih Birsel and Nezih Tekinel, the Üstay Centre shopping and office complex competition.

Hasan Selisik was the coordinator of the Archive building and health unit he designed in Ahmednagar, India. He joined Ark Limited in 2000.



Hasan has also made many wonderful audio-visual presentations on YouTube.

The following video of photographs are on Don Stevens.


Traveling through Hamirpur in 2019 and the Amartithi of 2019.


A film of photos depicting life in Istanbul in September 2019


A short film of photos depicting life in Istanbul


The following is Hasan Selisik's account that he told Bal Natu which he recorded in July 2000 at Meherabad Hill. It was later published in Bal's book "Tales of Meher Baba's Love"

It tells how both Hasan and his older sister came to Meher Baba but also how Yvonne Antoni came into his life later on. He also tells how both Yvonne and her husband Robert came to Baba as well.


The book pages were courtesy of Hasan Selisik.


Book details :

Compiled by : Bal Natu


Published by : Madhav Natu for Friends of Bal Natu, Ahmednagar, India

187 pp. Printed by : Meher Mownavani Publications, Hyderabad, India

Archives Building. Meherazad, India

 Images courtesy of Hasan Selisik
Images courtesy of Hasan Selisik