Kacy Cook


Happy Birthday Darling Mehera

Meher Baba's sister Mani wrote, “As Sita was for Ram, Radha for Krishna, Mary for Jesus, for this Advent of Meher Baba, it is Mehera who plays the leading role. This role, of being the chosen counterpart to the God-Man, amounts to the highest, purest, most spiritual relationship, consisting of a divine love which the world cannot imagine.” This film is a stirring collection of old, rare, and more recent stills and film footage of Baba, Mehera, the Women Mandali and others, beautifully set to the music of Buz Connor, Al Jolson, Margaret Berstein, Jamie Newell, Kaite Irani and others. Directed by Kacy Cook, edited by Robert Fredericks. 2007. 35 minutes