1953  Events


On Wednesday, 11 February 1953, Baba's 59th birthday was celebrated in Meherazad. No outside lovers were invited, but Adi Sr., Chhagan, Ramjoo and Nusserwan Satha came from Ahmednagar, Don, Padri and Sidhu from Meherabad, Adi Jr. and Jalbhai from Poona and Babadas also attended. That morning, at 7:30, Baba washed the feet of 150 poor in Meherazad. After placing his head on their feet, he gave each two rupees as prasad.

Jadhav Qawaal gave an qawaali performance for two hours in the afternoon. The qawaal's singing was quite good and pleased Baba.

Irene Conybeare, who had come the previous morning from Poona with Meherjee, was present for the function. Irene, being an inquisitive, intellectual, took advantage of the fact that in Meherazad Baba was not surrounded by a crowd of thousands to ask him certain questions. "Baba, how old is Adam?" was one question she asked.

Baba smiled and gave this reply:

If I answer that the first man came on this earth 84 million years ago, what would that mean to you? But the whole explanation will make you understand how the first man evolved, and how this first-evolved man has been repeatedly, millions of times, appearing not only on this earth, but on millions of earths, and so he is ageless, timeless. But this has all to be explained properly.

The book which I have personally written when I had just stopped speaking and which I wrote in one year, and which now lies in the bank to be touched only when I order, explains this point clearly.  It is important for the world and the scientists to know, and therefore I have explained about cycles, the position of the earth for Realization, the earth dying and the simultaneous evolution of another earth — not any other planet. When was the first human being evolved, when was the first Realized Being, whether the chicken or the egg came first?  All has been written in detail in that Book.

During the day, Irene discussed certain points with Ramjoo in the manuscript for her forthcoming book, titled Civilization or Chaos? which Irene envisioned as being a "general textbook or introduction to Baba's work." She and Meherjee left the following morning.

The road to Dehra Dun, India
The road to Dehra Dun, India

Sahavas at Dehra Dun, India